The Starting Five: Just IN, day 2!

"Hoosier Comrade says skies sunny despite snow!"

More on Great Leader Pence’s State Run News Service!

The local Indiana chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists issued a statement:

The job of a journalist is to seek the truth and report it. The job of a government is to shape and administer public policy. The two roles should never be confused.

The public depends on free, independent journalists to deliver critical information and hold public officials accountable. When governments try to act as journalists, they invariably obstruct or bend information, according to other needs. That can lead to a misunderstanding of what journalists really do and a mistrust of journalism at large.

Pence, for his part, is trying to clarify his “understandable misunderstanding,” but even Brian Bosma thought the thing was a head-scratcher. From the Star:

House Speaker Brian Bosma, R-Indianapolis, said he was surprised when he first learned about it, but was "counting on it not taking the turn it looked like it was taking."

"It looked to me like it was a central clearinghouse, then somebody got carried away and decided it was going to compete with a free and independent press," he said. "I think it was an idea gone south."

Meanwhile, here at NUVO, our Sports Desk immediately provided a sample of what Just In sports might look like!

First, our beloved Pacers play tonight at the privately owned/maintained Bankers Life Fieldhouse against the Raptors of Toronto, who are in town for our world-class medical care because their socialist homeland would rather death-panel them instead of treating their coughs. Talk about stupid! Did you know that our Courageous Governor Mike Pence signed into law a bill that prevents socialist Canadian mooches from sneaking down here under the cover of night and stealing your prescription medicines from your cabinet because under Obamacare they can? Sorry, “President” Nobummer, NOT ON GOVERNOR PENCE’S WATCH.

Here’s John Dodge from Chicago referring to the Gov. as “Emperor Pence.” He points out:

(A) Just IN planning document released Tuesday refers the content on the site as “daily news stories.” In fact the reference to “stories” (not “press releases”) is mentioned multiple times.

Consider, for example, what a Just IN news service story would say about Pence’s education budget. In a news release, Pence touted a big increase in spending for Indiana’s schools. Presumably a “news story” on Just IN would say the same.

Closer examination by the independent media revealed a few important facts: The increase wouldn’t keep pace with inflation and a whopping 43 percent of the proposed budget increase would go to publicly funded charter schools. About three percent of the state’s children attend a charter school, and many of them have received failing grades from the state’s education department.

And man, you know you’ve stepped in it as a member of the GOP when even right-wing radio tees you up.