The Starting Five, 8/13/2014


Originally a very modest Meridian-Kessler Oktoberfest celebration, St. Thomas Aquinas’ Sausagefest — now in its tenth year — has blossomed into a two-night music festival benefitting the church and school at the corner of 46th and Illinois Streets. If you’ve been anywhere near Butler at the start of the school year, you’ve undoubtedly seen the T-shirts; in fact, organizer Kevin Strunk says that banners have been pilfered from the second story of St. Thomas, only to later appear on frathouses nearby.

The event features music from parishioners, alums and friends of the church, along with beer from Sun King, a variety of wines and the festival’s namesake dish. Strunk says that over 6,000 links will be dished out over the course of the weekend, including the “St. Thomas Sausage,” a specialty grind of meats from Kincaid’s at 56th and Illinois. (It’s become the butcher’s biggest seller.) There’s also games of chance and this year founder Neal Ziliak will be crowned “Sausage King.” Everything’s donated, from the gear from Tipton Light and Sound to the performers’ time. And it’s free.

Here’s the lineup:

Friday August 15

5:45 Fabulous SausageKings (St. Thomas’ parishioners do some folk-rock)

6:30 Jon Martin and Gary Wasson

7:30 Chad Mills and The Upright Willies

830 Bill Rumely & Class Trip

9:45 3:1 and Friends

Saturday August 16

5:30 Dugan Brothers

6:15 Midtown Mad Men

7:15 Mars or the Moon

8:15 The Weirdy Cats

9:30 Streaker


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