The Starting Five, 2/10/2014


This coming Wednesday, be on the lookout for NUVO's Sex Issue. (And hopefully, it's going to be an annual tradition.)

Consider this a ... tease.

Pick up this little number on Wednesday, OK? Once you get under its covers, you'll find:

An interview with the Answer Woman from, Dr. Debra Herbenick. (What's more, Deb's going to give us the assist with a new column cleverly titled "Ask the Sex Doc." You'll see that here weekly at

Stipper-turned-burlesquer Bunny Barebuns clues us in on what's it's like to strip, from the viewpoint of someone who really, really enjoys gettin' nekkid.

If you're a fan of Victorian sexiness, we'll take you behind the scenes with Circle City Aerodrome, the group planning Indy's annual massive weekend-long Steampunk gathering.

Kyle Herrington makes brilliant pictures - that often include "dirty" words. We'll hear from this local artist.

Butler's adopted an interesting tactic in the struggle to limit sexual assaults on campus with a strategy called "enthusiastic consent." This technique runs directly counter to the teaching of abstinence that's prevalent in US high schools. We'll take a look at HIV numbers in Indy, too.

Kyle Long will interview interview a Hoosier musician named Jim Skafish who who was a punk rock pioneer that explored gender roles and androgyny onstage, and we'll ask dance-club DJs to share with us some of the more racy stuff they've seen on the floor.

And last but CERTAINLY not least, we'll print the "Love Notes" you've been sending to NUVO.

As we mentioned, the issue hits stands on Feb 12. To wet your, um, whistle, here's a small excerpt of our chat with Doctor Herbenick:

NUVO: Are you seeing any trends in sexual behavior?

Herbenick: I think the more pleasure-focused trend we've seen over the past 20 years is ... women being more proactive about their own pleasure and orgasm, and so we've seen many more women using vibrators than used to. Now more than half of women in the United States have used a vibrator. We see sex toys of all sorts coming out of the shadows ... instead of just being available at adult bookstores that are zoned in certain parts of cities, now they're widely available at women's in-home sex toy parties. It's a more comfortable space for men and women to shop in. I think it's opened up a lot of doors for women to talk with each other about their sexual experiences.

It's NUVO's Sex Issue. Look for Wednesday at one of these locations.