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Indiana, Idaho, Nebraska, South Dakota, Kansas and West Virginia are the only states that have no legal exceptions for medical marijuana.

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This is a response to the Indiana Prosecuting Attorney’s Council (IPAC)'s letter entitled “Marijuana is Not a Medicine.”

Let me say here…

There is one reason and one reason only for them to put out such a letter. AND THAT IS FEAR. Our fellow Hoosiers are speaking out loud and clear against this false propaganda ever since it was published a few days ago and the polls are showing it (it’s well over 87% and climbing, just against this letter alone). Their tactics of putting out stats and quotes is bias, one sided reporting and it is their attempt to draw the public to their point of view. They just don’t want cannabis in any form in Indiana, even for medical purposes. Well it’s not going to work. It didn’t work for Joseph Goebbels and the Nazi Party, or Attorney General Curtis Hill’s article in the Indy Star last summer, nor Governor Chris Christie’s speech here in Indianapolis last week. We are tired of the lies because we know better.

Knowledge is power ... and we are not ignorant! 
IPAC is afraid because the majority of informed Hoosiers are speaking out to the contrary. IPAC should be afraid by making such a bold statement that “Marijuana is not a medicine!” And this my friends will be the heart of their communications and fears going forth. I wish I could personally take on IPAC, the Attorney General and our Governor in front of a jury of our peers and have them prove just one thing and one thing only, that cannabis has “NO, I REPEAT NO MEDICINAL BENEFITS WHAT SO EVER.” This folks is why they are so afraid because IPAC KNOWS THEY CAN’T. 
So, what are they doing? They are setting up an ambush, attempting to kill any chance or hope that this issue or any Bill will be brought up before a Committee hearing in the upcoming 2018 General Assembly Session. IPAC is afraid because if "we the people" do get that opportunity we will put before them the overwhelming evidence to support our case, backed by patients, the medical professionals, academia and yes even our veterans who have paid the price to have their voices heard by all. It didn’t work for them last year when they were defeating on the CBD Bill for children with epilepsy and they know they can’t win now or ever in the future if brought before "THE PEOPLE."
As a former Marine infantryman when in an ambush your only option is turn directly into that ambush and attack. It is a kill or be killed situation. And one more truth that IPAC fail to mention in their letter … cannabis never killed anyone, and it never will. 

-- Jeff Staker, Founder Hoosier Veterans for Medical Cannabis