Thanks to fans and foes



an acknowledgment that he was losing the presidential race, Republican

candidate Mitt Romney doubled down last week on the angry, white people

constituency and named the most radical, whitest, angriest political figure

imaginable as his running mate.


almost nobody left in the undecided column, Romney has given up on capturing

the middle and is going all out to make the presidential campaign a referendum

on the concept that the richest people in the country aren't rich enough.


doing so, he's picked Wisconsin representative Paul Ryan, a vice presidential

candidate with the brilliant intellect of Dan Quayle, the charisma and charm of

Al Gore and the compassion of Dick Cheney. The Romney-Ryan ticket is a suicide

pact almost guaranteed to lose the election and to burn down America if it



unemployed, underprivileged and disadvantaged people are using up too much

money and need to sacrifice even more so that Romney and Ryan can build bigger

yachts, send more money to offshore bank accounts and pay even fewer taxes than

they do now.


tickets have at least given lip service to the concept of a rising tide that

lifts all boats, of creating more economic opportunity and to helping the

middle and lower classes. The Romney-Ryan ticket is a middle finger directed at

the 99 percent of the population that doesn't own multiple Cadillacs or belong

to multiple country clubs.


you're anything but a rich, white Republican, you have no place in Romney's

America. The choice of Ryan made that crystal clear.


you'll ever need Medicare, public education or any kind of governmental

assistance for your children, Romney-Ryan isn't for you. The money spent on

keeping seniors healthy, improving our classrooms or even helping poor children

eat healthy lunches at school is money better spent redistributed to the rich.


of Medicare, Ryan would like to hand people a voucher that may or may not be

good enough to get private health insurance. The

budget he authored

was a declaration of war against the poor.


to a recent analysis in Esquire: Ryan's

budget would have dropped 300,000 children from the subsidized school lunch program,

eliminated health care for almost as many, and slashed $83 billion in benefits

for federal retirees, people who devoted their careers to serving their



did this not to save money, but because he carries a heartfelt belief that

government shouldn't be doing things like helping people attend college, making

sure veterans are cared for and making sure we have clean air and water.


trillions of dollars he desires to cut from the budget comes from things such

as that. But millionaires can expect a big bonus from the enhanced tax cuts he

wants to give them.


would be unbelievable except that it's true. Want a choice on reproductive

rights? Sorry. Want any rights at all except to remain in the working poor? Not

with Romney-Ryan. You have the right to pay higher taxes if you're poor and

lower taxes if you're rich.


Romney would like to take a wrecking ball to 50 years of foreign relations by

restarting the Cold War with Russia. His provocative statements aimed at Moscow

can only be designed to start a new arms race and remilitarization against the

imaginary threat of the former Soviet Union.


that, despite what they say, neither Romney nor Ryan is for smaller government.

They want a much bigger military and a new bureaucracy to dole out entitlements

to the rich. They only want a government that provides fewer benefits for the

vast majority of people. They're not against corporate welfare, just the

welfare that helps poor people survive when hard times



the late historian Howard Zinn wrote, "Dependency on government has never

been bad for the rich. The pretense of the laissez-faire people is that only

the poor are dependent on government, while the rich take care of themselves.

This argument manages to ignore all of modern history, which shows a consistent

record of laissez-faire for the poor, but enormous government intervention for

the rich."


Republicans will do their best over the next few months to portray President Barack

Obama as a radical president when, in reality, the addition of Ryan means

Romney ticket is the most radical and extreme in history.


the election, more so than before, is a good old-fashioned class and race war. The rich versus the poor.The plutocrats

versus the workers.The bosses against the workers.

White America versus non-white America.


get caught up in the noise coming from the news media or from corporately

controlled conservative talk radio. This is a choice between economic

opportunity and a permanent underclass, between diplomacy and the Bush Doctrine

of perpetual war and between the CEO class and the rest of us.


side are you on?