Thanks to fans and foes


With less than 100 days to go before

the presidential election, the public opinion polls would have us believe the

race is close. Romney is neck and neck with Obama.

I'm not so sure. And after

watching Mitt Romney embarrass himself repeatedly on his overseas trip, I'm

even more convinced that Obama is going to win this election easily.

It's a hard job to make the

British unite in hatred an American politician. They're America's lapdog. They

export reality shows and pop stars to us as repayment for saving them from the

Nazis seven decades ago. In exchange, they kiss the butts of every president.

Romney angered them on the eve of

the Olympics by suggesting London was unprepared for the games. By implication,

he was saying that nothing could compare to the excellent job he, Romney, did

organizing the Salt Lake City Olympics.

Even though this was a minor

incident, it's emblematic of the reason why Romney will blow this election

that, by all rights, he should win in a landslide. It's not just that he's out

of touch with the American people, boasting about his Cadillacs during an

economic depression. It's that he doesn't care that he's out of touch.

Ironically, when Republican

activists seem to be the most engaged and passionate they've been in the last

30 years, they're about to nominate a man who takes palpable pride in his

complete utter lack of any beliefs on any issues whatsoever except his own

ambition for power.

He's always been the CEO of

everything he's ever done, he's waited his turn and now he feels he deserves to

be elected the CEO of America merely because he's Mitt Romney. Americans have

punished that sort of naked greed in the past and will likely do so again in


Instead of being a referendum on

the past four years of Obama's presidency, the election is going to be instead

a decision as to whether Romney deserves this promotion to which he feels so


In a sense, Romney embodies what

the Republican Party has become: a confederation of rich and powerful

businessmen with a rich sense of entitlement and a belief in making things

easier for rich people.

He is literally the man whose job

it was to buy companies, fire everyone and then go enjoy a round of golf. His

job was to make his corporation more profitable for its shareholders no matter

what the human cost. Because of him, thousands of Americans saw their jobs

outsourced while

Romney made himself and his

cronies richer.

His job-cutting policies hit

Indiana workers hard. Go talk to the former employees of Ampad, a paper company

Romney purchased in 1992 in Marion. Hundreds of workers were laid off and wages

for the remaining workers were cut. The company later went bankrupt. Romney

profited from the deal.

To the candidate, these

accusations seem unfair. Isn't it a capitalist's job to make money and more

money? If a few thousand people have to suffer because of business decisions,

that's just how the game works. Economic Darwinism.

Romney is the less charismatic,

less polished version of Ronald Reagan, who so firmly believed in the

unalienable right for the rich to get richer that he helped dismantle all the

regulations that once protected us from people like Romney.

If you could build a time machine

and tell voters that electing Reagan would usher in an era of unbridled big

business that would end up destroying small businesses, labor unions and local

ownership, many of them would have voted for the Gipper anyway.

As Reagan helped provoke the

collapse of communism in the Soviet Union, he was building a similar capitalist

dictatorship at home by freeing up large corporations to exert even more

economic control over our lives. Reagan tore down the Berlin Wall and wrecked

local banks, manufacturing sectors and small businesses here at home.

He brought us the freedom of the

economic slave, forced to buy cheap, foreign-made goods at Wal-Mart, bank at

Chase and watch idly as people like Mitt Romney bought their businesses and

closed them.

That's one of the many reasons

that this election won't even be close. The past four years haven't been

paradise but, given a choice between someone who understands average Americans

and someone who doesn't, the electorate will make the right choice.

Romney's arrogance, lack of

convictions and country-club persona would serve him well as the commissioner

of baseball. He would also make an excellent bankruptcy judge, since he's

helped create so many indigent people in the private sector.

So enjoy the Olympics, try and

get in a few days' vacation somewhere nice and forget about the election for

the next few months. No matter what Fox News or Drudge try to tell you, Romney

has less than a 30 percent chance of pulling off a miracle and winning this

election. Our country is still safe from a return of Reagan cutthroat economics

for at least the next four years.


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