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#NUVOpop: This Damned Bridget

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Hey everyone! This week, there are a lot of comics that are female centered, where the women not only kick ass but they also take names (well, maybe. You'd have to ask them)

Broken World #3: So this is about the end of the world! People are boarding space vessels to find a new home, but the process to get in is brutal and not everyone can get in. One of those unfortunate few is Elena Marlowe, and she's got a past. A deep dark one that not even her husband and child know about. Now she's stranded on Earth, far from her family and it's about to explode...Only it doesn't. The world doesn't end. So what now?

Now she's trying to escape Earth to get back to her family.

Dark Corridor #1: So check it. We all want to see some bad ass females in comics right? So this one is about this city called Red Circle and it's run by some tough mobsters. But one day, these tough dudes start being murdered by these female assassins!? This one is all action and all awesome.

JLA Gods and Monsters Wonder Woman #1: I don't really need to tell you why Wonder Woman is a bad ass, do I? And this isn't JUST Wonder Woman (the God of War). This is Wonder Woman- the New God. (New Gods are inhabitants of New Genesis, a twin planet whose twin just happens to be Apokolips. So you can guess how powerful the New Gods are considering Darkseid rules Apokolips...) 

So this is our "new" Wonder Woman's story as part of this strange new Justice League!

We Stand On Guard #2: US invades Canada and Canada bites back! This story follows Amber as she is surviving on her own in the Canadian woods where American robots run rampant. She runs into the Canadian Freedom Fighters and they accept her into their revolution. But the revolution is taking an unexpected turn in its second issue...!

Wicked + Divine #13: So if you've been keeping up, then you're familiar with Tara. She's one of the gods, but no one likes her. Literally no one. And she's never been seen until now (except on ONE cover). So now we get to meet the elusive Tara. And she is just as hated as everyone says. Her fans boo her off the stage, people harass her online and her fellow gods see her as good fro only one thing... So what's a girl to do when she's all alone in the world? 

***DISCLAIMER: This one is sad. Don't say I didn't warn you cause I did TWICE.


This Damned Band #1: The one this video is named after! So there's a band that claims to be a bunch of devil worshipers but they're not really. It's all for show, right? WRONG. They're a bunch of  devil worshipers. Only they didn't know it???

So that's not so bad right?

Anyway! That's all for this week! Here's the full list if you need to see, and just an FYI. No IDW titles were shipped this week. So... there's that!?

I'll see you later to talk about Secret Wars and such and such!