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Fourth of July weekend. Here, on the southern shore of Lake Michigan, you’d never know a pandemic was coursing through this nation’s sclerotic veins.

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The crazed sounds of motors, engines and various battery-powered wands, blowers and whackers fill the air.  It’s like Mick Ronson’s pent-up guitar attack at the beginning of Bowie’s “Suffragette City.”  Outside my window, a bluejay looks from side to side, as if expecting an airborne freight train.

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Between the pandemic and police brutality, you’d think we had enough on our plates to last us, oh, until November, at least.  But yet another issue’s been percolating during this fraught time.  It appears the Postal Service could be in jeopardy.

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Citizens are the final line of defense against misdeeds by business and government. Often these social soldiers are derided as cranks obsessed with unwarranted concerns of environmental, health, and safety matters.

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Nuvo, an alternative newspaper in Indianapolis, plans to cease publication at the end of May. The word came in a note from Kevin McKinney, who was first Nuvo’s publisher and then its foundation director when the publication tried to reinvent itself as a non-profit.

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Because I respect the educators, their programs and results at WTS, I will vote for the Operating Bond issue. This provides $16 million annually for eight years in the WTS budget.

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