Video: Tour a tiny, tiny house for sale


If you've thought about downsizing your home to save money, reduce your carbon footprint or just live more simply, maybe this home's for you.

Jay Shafer, founder and designer at Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, takes us on a video tour of his 120 square-foot home for sale.

Shafer aims to pare his homes down to bare necessities, like "the world's smallest bathtub/shower/sink," to make them efficient and affordable: good things for families like the one interviewed who recently lost their home and want a smaller home the next time around.

Lest you think you couldn't live in a small space: Shafer lived in a house of less than 100 square feet for 12 years, until he got married, had a baby and upsized to a relatively ginormous 500 square-foot abode.

Check out the "house porn" (Shafer's words, not mine) below:

With the significant issue of homelessness in Indianapolis, I can't help but wonder whether tiny houses like this could be used to provide privacy and shelter for people in need.

Would you consider living in a tiny house?


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