Thumbs up/thumbs down


Thumbs down: Bitter wind

Those wind turbines you see going up in farm fields work.

Wind generated power in Indiana increased 700 percent in 2009, and Indiana is

one of 16 states that produce more than 1,000 megawatts of wind energy within

its borders. But is Indiana reaping the benefits – like cleaner air

– of this renewable energy? No. The American Wind Energy Association

reports Indiana utilities get just 0.18 percent of their electricity from wind.

By contrast, Iowa gets 14.2 percent. This situation is likely to continue until

Indiana adopts renewable energy standards.

Thumbs up: Crispus Attucks rebound

Historic Crispus Attucks High School has completed a $19.9

million renovation, making it one of the most technologically advanced schools

in IPS. Attucks, which is now a magnet school aimed at preparing students for

the health care professions, has upgraded and added science labs, equipped

special prep rooms, created a video conference area for communication with

other schools, and installed wireless Internet access. Its first graduating

class will receive diplomas this spring.

Thumbs down: Other IPS schools in trouble

Cambridge Education, a private education consulting firm,

was hired by the Indiana Dept. of Public Instruction to audit schools that have

a record of failing to meet state accountability standards. The news for

teachers and administrators at Donnan Middle School, Arlington, Broad Ripple,

Howe, Manual and Northwest High Schools is bleak, leading to the possibility

that the state might take control of these schools in 2011.

Thumbs up: Voter know-how

The Voter Information Portal (VIP) is a new web site

designed to provide citizens with all the information they need to exercise

their franchise. When you click the Voter Information Portal link,

you'll be asked to enter your street address and birthdate (optional). Click

"search"and you'll find your

directions to your polling location, registration status, figure out your voting

district and see a list of elected officials and candidates. You can also

familiarize yourself with precinct ballot options and primary election ballot