Thumbs up/thumbs down


Thumbs down: Not a drop

to drink

A "naturally occurring"

coating of algae in the White River is giving the water coming out of many of

the taps in Indianapolis a decidedly funky bouquet. You could say the water has

a mildew mouth-feel. As to that algae: given all the chemical run-off the river

has experienced, it's about as "natural" as a home run hitter on steroids.

Thumbs up: Meet the


The members of the IPS

School Board are among the most influential elected officials we have. Yet,

most voters probably couldn't name them on a bet. Here's a chance for you to

win that bet: there will be a School Board candidates' forum Thursday night,

April 29 at the IPS Administration Building, 120 E. Walnut St. at 6:30 p.m.

Each candidate will have two minutes to speak. The election, by the way, is

next Tuesday, May 4.

Thumbs up: Giving peace

a chance

Since its founding in

1997, the Peace Learning Center has been dedicated to helping students,

teachers and parents learn to resolve conflicts without resorting to verbal or

physical violence. Every year, nearly 10,000 youth and adults, K-12,

participate in PLC programs. The PLC was an early recipient of a NUVO Cultural

Vision Award. So we were particularly happy to learn that Lilly Endowment

awarded Peace Learning Center $905,000 for its Peace School Program last week.

The program includes a partnership with another Cultural Vision Award honoree,

the ACT OUT theater troupe.

Thumbs down: Cooking

the books

Gov. Mitch Daniels says

the new healthcare law is going to increase Indiana's Medicaid enrollment by

almost 50 percent, a considerably higher estimate than that projected by the

Congressional Budget Office. The CBO sees a 27.5 increase nationally. Daniels'

dire assessment seems especially odd in that just about 28 percent of low

income Hoosiers were uninsured in 2008. But then "the Blade" has always had a

way with numbers. In 2002, he said the Iraq War would cost $60 billion.


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