Levee Loquacity


Thumbs up: Bike to the fair

Think of it as the most fun multitasking to be had in the

city: Travel to the

state fair

by bike AND offset all those shameless calories in the lemon

shake-ups, tenderloins and deep-fried cornucopia that you are sure to consume. The

Central Indiana Bicycling Association

will make it easy by offering a

"Pedal & Park" at the old "Boulevard Station" at 38th

Street and the Monon Trail. It's

free and secure, plus the CIBA volunteers, who have operated the stand for 15

years, will give $1 fair discount coupons to all who pedal in. The stand's

hours are set from 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. CIBA estimates it parked almost 1,700

bikes last year. This year, it has signed up more than 200 volunteers to help

with the effort.