Thumbs down: People's house evicts people


Killing them softly

Our state's legendary agricultural prowess also has a

murderous dark side, according to Purdue


research published this month in the journal PLoS

One. A two-year study of bee

deaths in Indiana found in all affected hives the presence of insecticides

that coat nearly all the seed corn and about half of the soybean seeds in the

U.S. The talc contains insecticide levels at about 700,000 times the amount

necessary to kill a bee, the researchers said. They note that most fruit,

vegetable and nut crops needs bees to successfully

pollinate, but that a series of threats — including insecticides and

mites — continue to plague the insects. Co-author and honey

bee expert Greg Hunter noted that the U.S. loses about a third of its

honey bees each year.


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