Thumbs down: Flaming Dove


Thumbs Down: Identity


A report excoriating the

performance of the Indiana Department of Child Services

led the front

page of The Indianapolis Star last

Wednesday morning. By Wednesday afternoon, however, the primary focus of's homepage shifted to other "hot"

news — mac'n cheese

to be exact. Journalists have been wringing their hands over the future of

their profession for decades. To be sure, The

Star's remaining journalists continue to serve the craft by shining light

in dark places to the best of their downsized ability — the DCS story,

the chronicle of local flavor maker Sensient's serial

record of disregard for employee health and the profile of Indiana's hate group

against hate groups are just some of the most recently published examples. But

when comfort food knocks the discomforted off the home page, one can only

question the future.