Thumbs down: Flaming Dove


Thumbs down: Blaming the victim

The saga continues for Dynasty Young, the bullied, gay teen

expelled last spring from Arsenal Technical High School after deploying a

noise-emitting device to deter oncoming attackers. (The electric

shock component of the self-defense tool remained unused, according to a statement released by her attorneys.)

IPS determined this month that Young would not be welcome back at Tech

but instead would be sent to an alternative school. "The district failed

to protect my son, and there are still lots of young students in IPS schools

who won't feel safe until the district makes some real changes," Chelisa

Grimes, Young's mother, said in a news release issued by the National Center

for Lesbian Rights. The case highlights the ongoing struggles of lesbian, gay,

bisexual and transgender teens not just to achieve social parity, but, at

times, to find basic security in the face of continuous physical and mental

abuse. On a more positive note, however, the Indiana Youth Group will

celebrate 25 years of support group services to LGBT youth at its anniversary

dinner and dance beginning at 7 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 18, at Fort Harrison State

Park Inn.


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