"Rove jumps ship, writer urges dictatorship

Karl Rove, the biggest rat on board the sinking ship that is the Bush presidency, finally scurried away last week.

As a political strategist, his record is remarkable. He engineered two presidential campaigns that, with help from the Supreme Court and rigged voting machines, emerged victorious. He’s helped run the most partisan administration in history, one that took advantage of Sept. 11 and used it to justify going to war against Iraq and launching unprecedented attacks on our freedoms.

Along with Bush, Vice President Cheney and former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Rove was one of the four horsemen of the current apocalypse being rained down on our nation and our Constitution.

It will take decades to undo the damage he’s helped inflict on our country and our democratic process. He’s undermined any credibility in the electoral process. Never again will a presidential election be trusted to be fair, especially if it’s close.

On the personal front, his most remarkable achievement is evading going to jail. He’s mused about a “permanent Republican majority” that sounds like a police state. He’s the prime advocate of the politics of personal destruction, a process that has eroded for decades any confidence in statesmen from any party.

And now he’s resigning in order to become even wealthier in the private sector, having done all the damage he can do in public life. As his boss might say, “Mission accomplished.”

A Bush dictatorship

When I first saw a link to a recent column on the Web site FamilySecurityMatters.org, I thought it had to be some kind of a takeoff à la The Onion.

But it wasn’t. Contributing Editor Phillip Atkinson penned a column that actually urges President Bush not only to attack Iraq with nuclear weapons but also to cancel the 2008 elections, dissolve Congress, disband the Supreme Court and name himself permanent president.

Using the example of Julius Caesar, who crushed political dissent at home while expanding his empire, Atkinson writes that Bush must do the same here.

Actually, his idea sounds like a recipe for civil war in America, nuclear retaliation by other nations and the destruction of the planet.

If other leaders in the conservative movement start promoting Atkinson’s ideas on their radio stations, TV news networks and newspapers, then it sounds like we’re in for some very interesting times in America.

No more bullets

In a column in early 2001, just before the inauguration of President Bush, I made the prediction that “now would be a good time to get into the ammunition-manufacturing business. Bullets and body bags will be the big growth industries of this decade.”

If only I’d followed my own advice, I’d be lounging poolside with supermodels instead of being victimized by the Bush economy like I am now.

It’s official: There’s a shortage of bullets. The Associated Press reported last week that our military is firing 1 billion rounds a year, forcing police departments to wait up to a year to get ample supplies for their own training.

Here in Indianapolis, metro police are considering using paintballs for certain types of officer training. Prices for bullets have skyrocketed as supplies have dwindled.

Even with factories working around the clock, we’re simply running out of ammunition. Our police officers are being forced to postpone qualifying on certain weapons because their departments can’t keep fully stocked on certain kinds of ammo.

At this rate, pretty soon the only Americans with adequate supplies of ammunition will be gang members, bank robbers and NRA zealots. I’m not sure which one of those groups is the scariest.

If ever a story summed up the times in which we live, it’s this one. Our national thirst for violence has created an environment in which our police can’t even get the training they need to continue to serve and protect us.

There’s really nothing anyone can say but, “God help us all.”



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