This poo is for you


Instead of letting delightful dung sit in a landfill, Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle

would be happy to hand over a fresh bucket of their animals' waste to a lucky contestant. The person who correctly guesses the combined weight of two hippos, Water Lily and Guadalupe, will be the lucky winner of a

4-gallon bucket of the coveted animal poo along with

other swag. It's no ordinary poo, though: The bucket will contain a delightful post-digestive combination

from elephants, giraffes, zebras and other zoo inhabitants.

The zoo used to spend tens of thousands of dollars annually on sending the dumps to the dump but now makes money for the animals' care from the nutrient-rich fertilizer. The poo is so popular that the zoo

holds a "Fecal


twice a year.

How does the zoo deal with all that poo? Find out from Dan, the self-proclaimed "The Emperor of Excrement":


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