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Thumbs up: Recycling scholarships

Every year the Indiana Recycling Coalition holds an annual

conference and exhibition, this year's model is called "Thinking Outside the

Recycling Bin" and it takes place May 4-6 at Holiday Inn-North. $40

scholarships are available for K-12 teachers, college students and community

volunteers who would like to attend. All you gotta do is call 317-632-5915. For

conference details go to

Thumbs down: Dumbing down

When Gov. Daniels was told that building the I-69 extension

would cost more than originally expected, he said the way to deal with the cost

would be to use a thinner layer of concrete and cut back on medians. He's come

up with a similar solution for the problem of high college costs and low graduation

rates – make college three years instead of four. "We want them out as

fast as we can," Daniels said of college students. The same might be said for

certain governors.

Thumbs up: Changing horses

If Paul Page is your defense attorney, you just got some bad

news. Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi just promised not to involve himself

in any of the two-dozen criminal cases Page has pending in Marion County

courts. You see, Page and Brizzi are real estate partners. And it seems that

over the past couple of years, a few of Page's clients have had remarkably good

luck in their dealings with the prosecutor's office, raising eyebrows around

town. Now Brizzi's chief of staff, Jennifer Haley, will be supervising Page's


Thumbs down: Stowaways

Zebra mussels have been found in Geist Reservoir.

Unfortunately, these mussels don't work with a nice broth cut with garlic and

herbs. They prefer latching on to the bottom of boats and, especially, the

pipes that draw water for drinking. Zebra mussels proliferate quickly and suck

the nutrients out of the water that fish and other lifeforms need to survive.

In Indiana, these critters have been found in more than 65 bodies of water in

44 counties.

Thumbs up: Greening the City-County Building

Mayor Ballard has announced the latest developments in his

effort to make the City-County Building greener. An energy audit has been done,

along with recommendations and action steps to make the building more energy

efficient. Now if they can only do something about the way the building looks.

Making the council chambers seem less like the over-size lounge in a suburban

Holiday Inn would be a good start.