(Satire) Indy ponders "9th Ward"-style project

A planned rally in Rocky Ripple on Saturday will demonstrate residents' frustration with current floodwall protection plans.

Indianapolis has yet another

opportunity to engage in a "World-Class" city initiative: The creation of a

devastated New Orleans-style 9th Ward.

Via their White River (North)

Flood Reduction project the Corps is ready and eager to create Indianapolis'

very own version of that well-known New Orleans' community. A project of this

sort would certainly result in the same kind of destruction and accompanying

publicity that the ruined New Orleans area received.

The Indianapolis community

slated for sacrifice is the small community of Rocky Ripple.

To achieve their goal the

Army Corps of Engineers has devised an ingenious plan to "wall out" the Town of

Rocky Ripple.In the event of a

calamitous flood on the White River the town would be on the "wrong side" of the

proposed wall. This would ensure the inundated homes, ruined lives, and

possible loss of life necessary to create an area of this sort. While two

bridges over the Historic Central Canal do lead into and out of the community,

the Corps suggests the City of Indianapolis be responsible for sand-bagging to

block the bridges off during the flood event.If the new Lucas Oil Stadium were to be used as temporary

housing for the displaced victims, the comparison to New Orleans would be

startlingly complete.

Of several plans the Corps

put forward one actually offered flood protection for the Town. However a cost

/ benefit study revealed that compared to the value in creating a new

devastated "9th Ward-style" area ... protecting 700 plus people is

just not worth it.

For the Corps' plan to

proceed — and so voters can know where to place credit for the creation

of the newly blighted area — City of Indianapolis officials and the Mayor

must publicly approve the "9th Ward" plan.

Other politicians are far

luckier: Their fingerprints will be traced to the project merely by remaining

silent. Indeed, they'd actually have to voice opposition in order to distance

themselves from the plan – in which case they'd forfeit all credit for

the new disaster area

Some resistance is expected.

There are those who will speak out against the plan. But in sheer terms of

reputation as a City, and as an attitude toward its own citizens –

nothing can quite compare to a New Orleans-style tragedy. Recognition for

something this big doesn't come along everyday.

Editors' note: On Saturday,

come to a planned action protesting floodwall plans in Rocky Ripple.