"I am somewhat of a fan of political hyperbolae so maybe that is what you were shooting for (Hammer, “The Culture of Greed,” Nov. 7-14).

But I have to ask, as a serious adult living in the real world. Do you expect me to believe that greed would not exist if Jimmy Carter had been elected instead of Ron Reagan?

If JC had been elected instead of RR we would:

• Not be trading with China?

• Retailers would not push a holiday that involves gift giving?

• Companies would not seek to maximize profits?

If this is all true and the personal style of the president can change all this would not the election of Bill Clinton have reversed these trends?

How exactly does the president change all these things one way or the other anyway?

I really hope political hyperbole was your goal because cherry picking the things you dislike about our economy and blaming them on someone who has been out of office for 20 years does not speak well of your acumen.

Jeffrey T. Bisesi




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