Participation trophies are filling up body bags


Why do we have to teach kids they’re great at everything as 5-year-olds when the world will gladly tell them they suck as 25-year-olds?

Why leave them so completely unprepared for reality? reported on the story of a Sacramento mother who was arrested and charged with a felony for allowing her 4-year-old to play 120 feet from her back door.

“The boy was in a gated apartment complex and on a playground,” Lenore Skenazy of Free Range Parenting said. “What’s more, if the neighbors were worried, why wouldn’t they just talk to the mom? And if the cops were worried, why didn’t they tell her why this was dangerous (citing actual stats, not just ‘what ifs’), rather than threatening her with jail time, as they did? How does that solve any problems? The mom, Sonya Hendren, was arrested and charged with child endangerment — a felony.”

These charges were later dropped to misdemeanors, but that doesn’t change the fact that Hendren now has to deal with the effects of everyone else helicopter parenting for her.

“We have a CPS (Child Protective Service) case now,” she said. “And every time he’s not in my visual sight we’re in violation.”

So that’s the kind of kid who could grow up to take a shotgun to a Planned Parenthood.

Keep a child swaddled in cotton without any conflict of any kind until he’s 37. Release him back into the wild and watch his limited social skills shit on themselves when he sees that everyone will never always agree with him or his stunted world view or give him a trophy just for participating.

Today, parents teach their kids to be so universally tolerant that they’re offended by everything and are intolerant of everyone. Imagine a nation of children who might grow up with their panties in a twist over anyone else’s differences. Not because – they claim – that they are intolerant. But because they are so tolerant that they don’t want anyone else to be uncomfortable.

God forbid anyone should be uncomfortable. Or out of place.

Sometimes the beliefs or choices or actions of another person have nothing to do with you. published a statement by the president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University.  Dr. Everett Piper posted his message on the university website last week, expressing the unpopular opinion that today’s average college student demands far too much coddling.

"This is Not a Day Care,” Piper said. “It's a University!"

Remember the good old days when going to college to be challenged by new ideas was actually the thing? When kids looked forward to experiencing other cultures and ways of thinking instead of whining when their vanilla pudding came dotted with a few too many rainbow sprinkles?

The New Yorker stated in its article, “The Trouble with Teaching Rape Law” that law students now complain about learning techniques for sexual assault litigation. They also complain that their test scores could go down if they see questions having to do with rape law on an exam.

So… when they graduate and somehow manage to pass the bar, are they going to turn down rape victims as clients? Are they going to tell rape victims not to get too deep into the gory details because their lawyers can’t handle it?

Why should a rape victim have to be the one making sure their lawyer is the one who’s okay? Are we next going to allow our medical students to opt out of trauma training because they can’t handle the ordeal of treating rape victims?

Consider the possibility that the rabid helicopter nurturing of the modern parent could be contributing to the growing number, severity and frequency of mass shootings.