Hello, everyone! Please, take a break from bashing Batman V Superman (IT WASN'T EVEN THAT BAD GUYS I LIKED IT A LOT OKAY) to pay attention to some important announcements! There aren't a LOT of new comics out, however, Previews hit stands this week as well as the new X-Men '92 series! 


X-Men 92

The X-Men from the 90's have returned! Coming straight from the pages of Secret Wars, everyone's fave version of the X-Men are back in all new adventures. Cassandra Nova has been defeated and now the X-Men are founding the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters! But the drama isn't done yet because Omega Red is bursting on to the scene! 

Hope you survive the experience.

Power Lines

It's a new racially charged drama from Image comics! This series follows a boy growing up in the ghetto. one day, he's gifted super powers from an ancient magic... Only, there's one problem. The powers only activate when he's in an upscale white neighborhood where he's not exactly welcomed with open arms..

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #6

The team up of the millennium starts here! Squirrel Girl meets Howard the Duck! Squirrel and duck will have to team up o defeat an enemy not even Squirrel Girl has defeated! This junk is quackers! The "Animal House" crossover starts here and ends in Howard the Duck #6!

Captain America #7 Captain America's 75th anniversary special is here. Cap's shield has been passed to Bucky and now it's been passed down to Sam Wilson. But will this be Sam Wilson's last stand? This comic is jam packed with new stories from the Standoff event, as well as stories from the fantastic team of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale! 

Fight Club #10

All right folks! That's all for today! Next week, a new X-Files series starts, there's also a new titles from Mark Millar called Empress AND ALSO, THE NEW POE DAMERON COMIC STARTS!!! WOOO!! 

*heavy breathing*

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