Happy Holidays to all! This holiday season give the gift of awesome comics! We have a few new series starting this week that I'm excited about so let's get started!

Top Five Picks! 

Patsy Walker: Hellcat

Everyone's favorite small time hero Hellcat is back! You've read about her in She Hulk, you've watched her on Jessica Jones and now she's debuting in her new series! This girl has been to hell and back and now she's facing her toughest challenge yet... her mother! Her mother has published romance comics based on Patsy's childhood! Plus she has to deal with her double life and so much more!

Batman 66 Meets the Man from UNCLE

A new take on a Batman Superman crossover! The super mysterious THRUSH has been recruiting Gotham villains to join them! Now Batman is heading to London to stop their evil schemes and he is joined by the Men from UNCLE!

Doctor Mirage Second Lives

The second series to the award nominated series! In the first series, Doctor Mirage was an investigator who could communicate with the dead. She solved mysteries and brought closer to people, But the only person she could not communicate with was her late husband. After journeying to the underworld, they have been reunited... but her husband is still a spirit. Desperate to be reunited, they try to perform a dangerous spell... but it's at a great cost to those living and those dead.


The year is 2150 and the Earth is void of resources. The different countries have been expanding to other planets, trying to harvest resources in order to survive. Mars is claimed by China so the US is travelling to Venus. But will the crew be able to survive the harsh environment?

Last Gang in Town

An epic that goes through three different centuries in England! It's the 80's and England has been rocked by tragedies. The times are changing and here to push it along are the new "heroes". They use violence to expose injustices and try to shape their country with their fists! 

Phew! It's an exciting week for comics! So man interesting stories are starting! Plus the Dark knight Returns Master Race #2 hits stands this week! Comics are always a great gift so if you're downtown or in Castleton or on the west side, stop by Downtown Comics and say hi! 

Happy Holidays everyone! I will see you next week! 

** Here's the full release list!