WELL. There's a lot happening this week in comics folks! It was hard to decide which comic I was the most excited about this time around. Stark Trek teaming up with Green Lantern, the relaunch of the Archie series, Vampirella and Ash (from the Army of Darkness) in a series together, the end of the 5th story arc from Saga, Batman and Superman, MORE Secret Wars stuff and an Invader Zim series???

LAwdee there's just so much going on!!!  

Well, let's go over my five must haves for this week and the rest will sort itself out, I'm sure!

Star Trek Green Lantern: Crossover of the century. Somewhere in the near distant future of space travel everyone's favorite Green lantern Hal Jordan and the good old crew of the USS Enterprise led by Captain  James T Kirk run into each other on a long lost planet. But there's a lot happening on that planet as they all will soon discover. So buckle up for a wild ride through time and space. (Now if only Picard and Batman would have a crossover my life would be complete)

Archie: Archie's one old playa! He's celebrating his 75th anniversary and he STILL hasn't made a choice between Betty or Veronica. There have been a lot of new Archie titles taking our favorite red head to new and exciting places (murder by 

Predator or zombies, take your pick). Now Mark Waid (Kingdom Come, Superman, Captain America) and Fiona Staples (Saga) reintroduce the mains series for a new generation! Join Archie on his first day of school and experience the Riverdale gang as you've never seen them before.

**ALSO. If you want to meet the writer of the new Archie series, he will be doing a signing at Downtown Comics

 in Castleton and AW Yeah Comics in Muncie, IN on Saturday July 18th! So bring some stuff to git signed! I know I can't wait for it! 

Star Wars Lando: Seriously, who doesn't love Lando Calrissian? This is the newest mini series from Marvel's relaunch of Star Wars. It takes place before Lando was part of the rebellion and before he ruled Cloud City. It's back when he pulled off heists and did other things of that nature. In his inaugural issue, he's trying to steal a very super ultra valuable ship.

Naughty boy.

1872 Secret Wars: Yes, that's right. Another Secret Wars tie-in. BUUUUT so far, most of tie-ins have been pretty decent and this one looks really interesting. Set in the year 1872 with some Ol' Western heroes we might recognize. Steve Rogers is the sheriff in town and corruption is rampant. there's also Anthony Stark but he's a drunk obviously. One day a stranger moseys into town and it changes things forever. (I know that's what they always say, just be quiet you.)

Starve 2: I don't think I talked about this one before, so lemme recap. There's a cooking show that was started by a world renowned chef, Gavin Cruikshank. One day he disappears, never to be seen again leaving the show's fate in the hands of his ex-wife and some greedy people. The show is now an insane spectacle of cooking and competition that strays far from his original show. When he re-emerges back into the world, Gavin wants to tear the show apart, but is instead roped back into the insane world of chef-ery (is that a word?) The first issue was amazing so now I can't wait to see what goes down in the second one!

That's what I'm excited about this week! I can't wait to hide away from the storm and read all these awesome comix :-) Be sure to watch the video (PLEASE?) and if you want to see what other things are coming out, click here for the full release list!

I will see you Sunday to talk about 1872 and Secret Wars! Have a good one guys and thanks for watching :-)