Hey everyone! This week is amazing because the world's best cross over started this week! There are also some holiday specials that are released this week but seriously guys! Batman is teaming up with the Turtles!

Here are my Top Five Picks for the week! 

Batman/ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1

THIS IS LITERALLY THE MOST AMAZING EVENT TO HAPPEN EVER. So Batman is just going about his normal business when suddenly... a lab is raided by none other than the Foot Clan! After following a long trail of clues, he eventually runs into the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES! The goofiness of the Turtles blends perfectly with Batman's gruff and serious tone. It's the crossover you never thought was possible. It's the crossover you deserve. 

Gwenpool Holiday Special

Gwenpool erupted on the scene via variant cover and ever since then, she has taken off! You can catch her crazy misadventures in the Howard the Duck comic and NOW there's a holiday special to help you through Christmas. There are multiple short stories in this one-shot involving She-Hulk, Hawkeye(s), Ms. Marvel AND OF COURSE, Mizz Gwenpool herself! 

New Romancer #1

A new paranormal romance title from Vertigo. This one is about a coder named Lexy who works for an internet dating app! She makes fake profiles based off of history's most romantic individuals. As she's making the profiles, she accidentally unleashes the world's greatest lover- Lord Byron! 

Things are about to get hot up in here

Snow Blind #1

Snow Blind follows the life of a normal teenager in Alaska who does normal teenage things like post pictures of his father on Facebook. But his life isn't normal after his latest Facebook post. It turns out his father has been hiding a terrible secret and his family has actually been in witness protection for years. Now, some terrible men are coming to kill his family and the FBI are after them as well! 

The Violent #1

Mason is an ex convict with a former drug problem who is trying to get his life together for his family's sake. Only his wife struggles with addiction and their daughter needs both parents. After fighting his demons for as long as he can, he slowly falls into old habits and drug problems. It's a heart breaking story about family and addiction and of course... violence.

That's it for this week! Secret Wars #8 DID come out this week so get ready for a new Secret Farts episode this Sunday! Next week, we have a comic about Lucifer (from Sandman), a new Judge Dredd series, and Justice League #46

If you need the full release list, click here! I will see you Sunday for Secret Farts and next week for the new releases! 

**Also, i'm sorry about the phone video. I'm 70% sure my Tablet is heading to Valhalla soon so I have to do shorter videos on my phone. I didn't even get to tell you about all the cool independent titles coming out! Grrr.


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