#NUVOpop: Super Stuffed Crust Spoils of Convergence! (PLUS Secret Wars)


Hey everyone! Sorry for the really really late update on Convergence! So now you get this super stuffed mega video where you just hear me talk about Convergence and Secret Wars (which started a week ago). So strap on cause I'm about to take you outta dis world!!!! 

Convergence is finally picking up with issue 6 and it's honestly about time. Secret Wars hits you with a punch right off the bat. Jonathan Hickman (Manhattan Projects, East of West, Infinity) is guiding us through this major event and he is truly a master writer. So here we go!

Convergence 5: In Issue 4, Deimos had successfully summoned Braniac. Everyone is flipping out. Deimos then reveals to Telos what Braniac had done to him. Braniac invaded Telos's old world and told him to join him or his entire world would be destroyed. Telos agreed and the people of his home planet were transported elsewhere. Telos merged with his planet to become what he is today. (Telos isn't even his real name). After Telos runs away, shocked from the events that just occurred, the Earth 2 crew contemplates releasing Braniac from the "prison" but Deimos quickly banishes him once again. The heroes of Earth 2 then run away, everyone except Yolanda who is convinced by Deimos to stay. Deimos then makes an announcement to the trapped cities- they no longer have to fight, they have the choice to be free as long as they serve him.

Convergence 6: It begins with our heroes from the New 52 Universe observing a planet (Telos) entering their galaxy. Unsure of what is going to happen, Superman, Supergirl and the Red Lanterns decide to monitor the situation. The Guardians, the Monitor and Darkseid are all aware of the planet as well. Darkseid indicates that he is ready for war (go figure). The Earth 2 heroes race across Telos to find other heroes to stand against Deimos. Dick Grayson goes after Telos and convinces him to fight for justice and to help free the cities from Deimos. Telos agrees, hoping to discover more secrets of his past, including his name. Deimos is aware of the resistance and counters with his own gang of thugs, with Captain Thunder (Flashpoint Shazam) front and center, ready to fight.

Convergence Aquaman: Deathblow quickly begins taking out the scientists at STAR LABS. Aquaman and Deathblow proceed to fight. Deathblow, realizing that Aquaman will not be easy to take down, reveals a contingency plan set in place. There is a dehydration system set in place in case Aquaman gets out of hand. Aquaman grows weak and Deathblow moves in for the kill before Dane Dorrance (Aquaman's scientist friend at STAR labs) reminds him that humans are made almost entirely of water. A blood bath ensues as Aquaman rips open Deathblow and bathes in his blood to stay hydrated, thus winning the battle.

Convergence The Atom: It was revealed that Ryan Choi (the second Atom) was the voice inside of Ray Palmer's head. He was not killed by Deathstroke but was instead transported to Ray's mind via the Mass-Zone, the place the Atoms' mass goes when they shrink (it's a bunch of physics mumbo jumbo). They defeat Barracuda and are transported back to their city, where Ray is a hero in everyone's eyes once again. Ryan shrinks and hides, hoping to coax Deathstroke out of hiding while Ray heals from the battle. Deathstroke goes to the hospital to kill Ray, but is cornered by Ryan. Ryan then shrinks Deathstrokes hands as vengeance for his murder.

Convergence Batgirl: After Grodd seriously injures Tim Drake and Cassandra, Batgirl and Catman realize they must work together to survive the fight. Catman pretends to be defeated by Batgirl, sending him and Grodd back to their city. Cassandra heals from her wounds in the hospital and Stephanie (Batgirl) and Tim get back together.

Convergence Batman and Robin: Batman, Robin, Jason Todd and Scarlet work together to defeat the Extremists. After sending them back to their world, Batman, Jason and Damian all have a nice father-son-adopted son moment. 

Convergence Batman Shadow of the Bat: Batman and Azrael go after Pilgrim, jester and their crew. After convincing them to work together to defeat the threat to their cities, they head out to face the challenge. Azrael stays behind to guard their cities.

Convergence Catwoman: Catwoman and Kingdom Come Batman fight initially, but then realize they have to work together to save their cities. Meanwhile, the crime lord Mannheim tries to take down Catwoman for messing with his "business". They both are able to defeat Mannheim and Catwoman tries to convince Mannheim's men to stand down. An earthquake scares one of thugs and he fires his gun at Batman, whose chest is exposed. Catwoman leaps in front of the bullet and protects Batman. Catwoman then dies in his arms, after he promises to try to save both of their cities.

Convergence Green Arrow: Green Arrow and Connor were initially going to team up with Kingdom Come's Dinah Lance and Olivia Queen, but after Telos shows the destruction of two cities that opposed the fight, the girls turn on the boys. Dinah and Olivia knock the boys out, winning the fight and are transported back to their cities. Arrow and Connor wake a few hours later in their city, but still alive!

Convergence Green Lantern Parallax: Hal Jordan (Parallax) goes after the city of Electropolis after they attack his city! After trying to negotiate peace with the leaders, they betray his trust and he starts to attack the city. Kyle tries desperately to reach out to Hal, but it is too late. Parallax destroys the city with ease, but disappears after the fight. Kyle returns to his city to protect them but still has hope that Hal is out there somewhere.

Convergence Harley Quinn: It's a bunch of tricks and jokes for these two! Harley Quinn pretends to kill one of Captain Carrot's allies (she thought it would be funny. It wasn't). Harley fools Captain into thinking that she has super powers. After a scuffle, they come to a draw and decide to take a break and talk. Harley offers a peace treaty over carrots, which Captain Carrot (OF COURSE) gladly accepts. Harley admits that the only super power she has is invulnerability to poison and tell Captain Carrot that her friend Poison Ivy gave her those carrots. Captain Carrot dies from being accidentally poisoned by Harley Quinn and purposely poisoned by Poison Ivy. The Sirens (Catwoman, Ivy and Harley) then venture off on their own.

Convergence Justice League: Mera has been kidnapped by Flashpoint Aquaman! Her friends from the Justice League go after her, but are all nearly defeated by Aquaman and crew. Mera tricks him into believing that she loves him and stabs him in the gut, making him powerless. He is then left for the sharks to devour...

Convergence Justice League International: Justice League International goes against Wonder Woman and her crew from Flaspoint. The two Blue Beetles decide not to fight (it's their birthday!), but the JLI are still defeated by WW and company. They are each transported back to their cities, unharmed. Blue Beetle returns home to find a surprise from Booster Gold for his birthday (too cute).

Convergence Nightwing Oracle: Nightwing goes after Hawkman and Hawkwoman while Oracle secretly plans. She renders their surveillance useless then joins the fight with Nightwing. The Hawks are defeated but try to destroy Nightwing and Oracle's city. Oracle unleashes her secret weapon, Black Canary, who defeats the Hawks with her canary cry. Oracle allows the Hawks to live in her city as long as they are peaceful. They agree. Nightwing and Oracle get married at then end! 

Convergence The Question: The Question, Batwoman and Huntress team up to stop Two-Face from killing himself. Two Face finds his opponent- a heroic Harvey Dent (without the facial problems). The alternate Harvey accidentally shoots Renee (the Question) and is sent back to his world, but she survives! Two Face turns over a new leaf and Renee says goodbye to her father, who is dying in the hospital.

Convergence Suicide Squad: Amanda Waller and her Suicide Squad fight Kingdom Come Green Lantern and company. Captain Boomerang, who reveals he has terminal cancer, betrays them all and tries to kill Waller. Waller has a secret plan however, which is to strap a ton of dynamite to her and blow herself up, taking out the Suicide Squad, Captain Boomerang, Green Lantern.... everyone.

Convergence Superboy: Superboy is anxious to prove himself a hero so he battles Kingdom Come Superman, Red Robin and Flash without thinking of the consequences. After accidentally hurting Lois Lane, he realizes sometimes you have to compromise in order to save everyone. So he loses the fight and Red Robin (Kingdom Come) remarks that he is worthy of the name "Superman".

Convergence Supergirl Matrix: Supergirl finds the key to getting off of Telos- Ambush Bug! But he's harder than heck to keep hold of! As he teleports from city to city, Supergirl teams up with Lady Quark to find him, but ends up fighting her in the end. (WHO is Ambush Bug, you ask? He's basically Deadpool before Deadpool was Deadpool and he's also green)

Convergence Superman: Superman fights Flashpoint Green Lantern, Captain Thunder and Cyborg. After Jimmy Olsen agrees to hold them off so Superman can find Lois, Green Lantern follows him. He tells Superman he trusts him and guides him to the Batcave, where Flashpoint Kal-El took Lois to give birth. GL warns Superman to beware of Captain Thunder who would kill him in an instant. Lois gives birth, Superman defeats Kal-El and it's a great time.

Convergence Superman Man of Steel: STEEL is paralyzed from his fight with Gen-13 and becomes paralyzed, but has a new shot at living as he undergoes an experimental procedure. Gen-13 defeats Parasite and teams up with Steel and his family to try to defeat Telos. They get transported back to their city without warning leaving Steel to wonder what will become of their cities..

Convergence The Titans: All of the Titans (Beast Boy and Cyborg included) take on the Extremists. Roy Harper gets his daughter back.

Secret Wars 1: Universes are colliding. The Ultimate Universe launched an attack on Earth 1610. The Fantastic Four have a life boat they are using to escape the planet. They recruit more heroes before the planets collide. Cyclops tries to harness the power of the Phoenix Force once again to try to save the planet. The ship that holds Sue Storm and the kids of the FF disappears and they are presumed dead.

Secrets Wars 2: Introduction to Doomgard, a world full of Thors who are led by Emperor Doom, who has made a religion and world for himself. You see the inner workings of the world and how people are judged. Valeria (daughter of Sue Storm) discovers a ship that landed on the world. They send soldiers to investigate. The ship contains Thanos's crew who survived the incursion. They are now on "Battleworld", the world that is left after the incursion.

Captain America and the Mighty Avengers LDOSW: Captain America and his mighty Avengers say their final goodbyes as the world ends.

Magneto LDOSW: Magneto decides to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save the world and mutant-kind as well! He works with his daughter Polaris to destroy the Ultimate Universe. Relive his memories involving Namor the Sub-Mariner in this issue as well.