Welcome back everyone! Sorry for the long pause in between episodes but Pop Con + 4th of July kind of set me back a bit! But I am here to spread the word of Secret Wars!

So let's get started!

Now in the videos I am going to talk about what the highlights were for this week. Honestly, you don't need to read ALL the tie-ins to stay caught up on Secret Wars. Half of the titles are only here for nostalgic purposes and some of them look really dumb but they're actually really fudging good.

It's been confusing trying to figure out which ones are the important ones but we FINALLY are getting the hang of it. So obviously the main Secret Wars story is important. It tells you what you need to know about Doctor Doom, about the Cabal, and about the layout of Battleworld. Some other ones include....

A-Force: In issue 2, the group discovers a portal in the watery depths near their island. In it, you can see multiple domains that one can travel to. Also, a newcomer with crazy powers befriends Nico Minoru after America Chavez was sent to the Shield. This mysterious woman can open portals to different worlds as well and has other intense powers. After she accidentally opens a portal and lets in a Sentinel, She Hulk leads a small group to discover what other domains are out there.

Future Imperfect: In their second issue, the Thing (Thunderbolt Ross) goes up against the powerful Maestro for the fate of the city! After the Thing gets captured, Maestro tells him his secret plan- to KILL God Doom and take his place as the ruler of Battleworld.

Korvac Saga: This first issue talks about a possible treaty between two domains, but plans slowly start to go sour. There's also a virus going around one domain, causing people to ask the question "Why are there no stars here?" No one on Battleworld really knows what stars are because they've never been exposed to them outside of stars being on their costumes. These infected people also say they remember a world before Battleworld and slowly after these revolutions, they grow insane and attack people before they inevitably die. 

Ultimate End: This entire series is about the Avengers from Earth 616 and the Ultimate Avengers coexisting not so peacefully. They are constantly butting heads and Tony Stark has opened a portal as well. PLUS Hawkeye is dead so things are getting intense. After two Hulks got into a fight, killing thousands and freeing dangerous criminals, Nick Fury (Ultimate) has been holding him hostage from the Avengers but Tony Start (616) has just saved him. But this will only deepen the anger between the two worlds... Also, there's a fight between two Punishers and one Punisher (Ultimate) may be going insane.....

And Secret Wars #4? Well..... let's just say people got killed.

Here's a full list of all the ones that came out the past two weeks!

Age of Ultron V Marvel Zombies (psychotic zombies versus a flock of ultrons who want a perfect world)

E if for Extinction (Magneto rules the X-Men and Xavier is dead. Again. Also, a  new Phoenix Egg)

Giant Size Little AVX (dodgeball, tree houses and twins. Oh my)

Infinity Gauntlet (infinity stones and a family of Novas. It's so great)

MODOK Assassin (MODOK falls in love with Angela and it's painful to watch)

Planet Hulk (A Steve Rogers and his T-Rex team up with Doc Green to find Bucky Barnes)

Red Skull (MIGHT be important. A Marvel suicide squad hunts down Red Skull for God Doom)

Secret Wars Journal (The murder of a Tony Stark and a city infected by gamma radiation, includes Peter Parker)

Where Monsters Dwell (it's like Jurassic Park and now you get Amazons in the mix too)

X-tinction Agenda (infected X-Men that just want to go home start an accidental war)

Years of Future's Past (a future where mutants are hunted and regulated and sterilized)

Next week starts Age of Apocalypse, Civil War and Spider Island! So join me next week and we'll talk about Secret Wars s'mores! 


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