Hello all! I hope you all saw the Deadpool movie and loved it. This week in comics, we have more bromance, a lack of snow and two friends at war. Let's get started shall we?

Powerman and Iron Fist #1

The Heroes for Hire are back! Luke and Danny are here in a new series that involves magic and fists and power and all sorts of good old fashioned crime fighting. 

Snowfall #1

A new post apocalyptic series from image. The year is 2045 and there is NO SNOW. Plus America is being run by a corporation. Things are looking grim for the world. Enter the White Wizard, the man who can save us all and he is waging a one man war against the man!

Sex Criminals #14

Sex Criminals is back from their break! The crazy sexy romantic adventure comedy is back. And Fraction and Zdarsky are promising that it won't be boring. Then again it's never a dull moment when you can stop time when you orgasm, amirite? 

Silver Surfer #2

Silver Surfer and Dawn have returned to Earth and already they are in trouble! The Thing is after Norrin but why?? What is the Thing's damage? Why can't he just leave them alone?! IS IT CLOBBERING TIME YET????

Archie #6

Archie has returned from their "break" as well this week!  However things between Archie and Jughead are on the rocks. They're not speaking to each other at all! But Archie is in trouble. Mr. Loddge is after Archie and without Jughead to protect him... who will? Veronica? Fat chance! 


Avengers Stand Off

(I forgot to mention this in the video. I'm bad' sorry guys!) 

This is the new event from Marvel (that will hopefully not last 8 months hahahahaha). So there's a community called Pleasant Hill and everything looks good and fine and dandy. Except something's gone wrong. The community is about to revolt and the Avengers are the only thing standing in the way! But why do they want to keep these people inside so badly? What are they hiding? What is going on??

That's all for this week! Next week we have the new Neal Adam series- The Coming of the Supermen- hitting stands! it's written AND drawn by the legendary Adams. So I will see you next week to talk about comics! 


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