Hey everyone! Welcome back! It's a pretty light week for comics :( But there are still some really awesome titles out this week! 

Here are my top five picks for the week! 

Squadron Supreme

The Squadron Supreme is back! This super powerful (very similar) team is made up of heroes who no longer have a home planet. One of these heroes, Doctor Spectrum, is out for revenge. Namor destroyed his world! So the Squadron Supreme is paying a visit to Atlantis...


Weirdworld is.... well.. weird! It's a crazy upside down world filled with sorcery and swords and all other manner of weirdness. And now, a normal girl, Becca, has been trapped in Weirdworld!

Welcome to Weirdworld, Becca! I hope you survive the experience!


I feel like they wrote this one about me. So there's this 19 year old girl and she's OBSESSED with super heroes and comics. So she gets it into her head that she could become a super hero y recreating their origin stories! So this is all about her mad quest to become another super hero just like in the comic books!

Lucifer Straight outta the pages of Sandman and straight outta hell! God is dead and all signs point to Lucifer. Gabriel is after Lucifer for a crime he possibly didn't commit. So it's up to Lucifer to clear his name and prove that he's not the one Gabriel is searching for.

Judge Dredd

Judge Dredd is back with a new series! Mega City One has been transported back to the stone ages! What does that mean for our now.. very average Joe?

That's it for the week! Next week we have Saga and The Dark Knight 3 PLUS a really awesome Locke and Key coloring book! I'll see you next week guys!

Here's the full release list! 


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