#NUVOpop: Spoils of Convergence Episode 5


Hey everyone! Great news! This is probably the best week of Convergence. This is when stuff really starts moving and there's even a bit of time travel mumbo jumbo as well! So strap in and get ready for this wild ride!

This week for the most part all of these stories take place in the same city of Metropolis, except for the main Convergence story line, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Plastic Man ATFF, and Shazam.

Convergence: So Deimos is evil. BIG shock, right? Anyway he's been harvesting time travelers in his underground city for quite some time. But for what purpose?? To talk to Braniac, duh.

Convergence Action Comics: Superman and Power-Girl are living without powers. The city knows that Superman is Clark Kent, btw. Meanwhile, in Moscow, Lex Luthor tries to figure out just why his city is under the dome. In the end, it will Supes and PG against Communist Wonder Woman!

Convergence Blue Beetle: Strange things are happening in Hub City with Blue Beetle, the Question and Captain Atom. Captain Atom mysteriously gets his powers back at the same time that a Booster Gold (this is where stuff gets interesting) appears in the sky. The powers soon fade but shortly after, the dome is lowered and our heroes of Hub City must fight their foe!

Convergence Booster Gold: So this is probably the most interesting story because it shows that Convergence was first discussed in the Justice League International Annual (FROM 2012) and again in Booster Gold's Future's End tie in (from October 2014). There are now two Boosters in one city, the underground city of Skartaris that Deimos rules. One Booster is from the future and uncontrollably travels through time and the other Booster is from Earth Prime which just happens to be OUR EARTH. Er, not OUR Earth, but the New 52 Universe. Anyway, this is where everything starts to make sense and tie together, so yay!

Convergence Detective Comics: Huntress and Dick Grayson (who is still Robin but should be Batman) patrol Metropolis. In Moscow, Superman tries to keep the mobs from destroying the city by taking blame for the dome, saying it's to protect the city. When the dome goes down, Dick and Huntress are transported to Moscow where they meet Superman. He tries to negotiate peacefully only to have it blow up in his face (literally, Huntress blows herself up to try to destroy him. Seriously?)

Convergence Infinity Inc: Not a whole lot to say about this one. Basically Infinity Inc is a group of young super heroes whose parents are supers as well (mostly from the JSA). They have to fight a post-apocalyptic Jonah Hex (he's pretty insane).  

Convergence Justice Society of America: So the JSA is one of the oldest super hero groups out there. They're made of the original Green Lantern and Flash. So when the dome goes up the heroes age RAPIDLY and Doctor Fate is knocked into a coma. They try to live life as best as they can, although most of them have little contact with their kids (the Infinity Inc). When the dome goes down, Doctor Fate wakes from his coma and tells the heroes (Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman) that he can give them all their youth back, but it will be their final fight.

Convergence Plastic Man and the Freedom Fighters: This one takes place on Earth X, a world where the Nazis won World War 2. Plastic Man and uncle Sam lead a revolution against the Nazis but they end up trapping one of the Nazi supers under the dome with them. With Nazis terrorizing the city, the heroes are soon captured. Once the dome goes down, they have to face off against the crazy robot super heroes of the FUTURE'S END.

Convergence Shazam: SO MUCH YES. Billy Batson tries to keep the city calm when they realize the Marvels have abandoned them. He, Mary and Freddie discover the Monster Society of Evil working underground with Doctor Sivana! *gasp* After defeating Sivana and crew, they go back to the surface to discover that they have to fight Steampunk Batman!! *GASP*

Convergence World's Finest: The Seven Soldiers of Victory is another super hero group trapped in Metropolis. They are led by the Shining Knight and their adventures are chronicled by the cartoonist Scribbly Jibbet (who hasn't been around in comics since like the 60s). They are some of the sole survivors of a Metropolis destroyed by Crisis on Infinite Earths. 

PS. Sorry there are some random parts in the video that kind of skip and cut off. My video editing soft ware is non existent haha