Has there been 10 episodes of Secret Farts already? Well I'll be a Thor's uncle!

That made no sense and I'm sorry

All right so a lot of new tie-ins started this week! Most of them are one-shots which sucks because the one shots they've been making are even better than the mini series. But, alas, I am not a big wig for Marvel. I am just the mere comics vlogger.

So let's get started with my top five picks this week (as usual)!

1872 #2

I hope you're ready to have your heart ripped out of your chest, pissed on and set on fire! 1872 #1 was amazing. The town of Timely is set a years after the Civil War. It's a western town, full of corruption and violence and in the middle of it is Sheriff Steven Rogers who fights for truth and justice! In the last issue he saved the Native American known as Red Wolf from a lynching and he killed some of Mayor Fisk's goons and publicly displayed their remains. Now, Mayor Fisk has sentenced Red Wolf to die so some more of his thugs are after him (led by Lester, aka Bullseye). After Sheriff Rogers captures Lester, he leads him to the middle of town and asks the town to stand up against Fisk. Lester gets away then shoots the Sheriff, and Mayor Fisk feeds him to the pigs. Anthony Stark, heartbroken and angry that he let his friend die, begins work on a weapon as Red Wolf and Natasha Barnes, widow of Bucky Barnes, formulate a plan to take down this Kingpin...

Runaways #3

The Runaways continue their road trip across Battleworld as the continue to run away from Bucky, Valeria Doom and their team of soldiers! And it appears that Bucky is NOT going to let them out alive...

Weirdworld #3

Things are getting a little less weird. Kind of. There's this guy made up of crystals carrying a bag of crystals saying that the bag of crystals are his prince but that's not weird. Also there's this henchman trying to kill Arkon. But that's not weird. At all. It's all cool

House of M #1

Set in a world where Magneto conquers all and makes himself a king! His family is royalty and there is  peace in the kingdom! Well, now King Magnus is bored. He misses the fighting and the struggling. He wakes up and every day is perfect. Well not for much longer! His son Pietro is making war plans with Namor to conquer the Monarchy of M domain! 

Howard the Human #1 (one shot)

This one was great. Imagine, Howard the Human! A human "Howard the Duck" in a world of anthropomorphic animals! Howard owes a lot of... animals money and they're all coming to collect was is due! There's also a murder mystery that Howard has to solve and a surprising lack of eggs and bacon. 


Loki Agent of Asgard #17

Loki confronts the gods of the gods then goes to the future or something

Age of Ultron vs Marvel Zombies #3

Ultrons+Marvel Zombies = the worst thing ever. Pym figures out a solution but no one likes his solution.

Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #4

Annie Parker kicks some major villain butt and Regent harvested super heroes to become beat Doom

Armor Wars #4

Tony Stark is killing everyone

Captain Britain and the Might Defenders #2

Mondo City and Yinsen City form an alliance. The end.

Guardians of Knowhere #3

Yotat is defeated! Gamora and Angela duke it out.

Inferno #4

Sheriff Strange makes Illyana the Baroness. Cyclops beats up Colossus a little.

Secret Wars Journal #4

Punisher and Iron Fist team up to fight Ultrons. Psylocke helps kyle Jinadu rescue Northstar

Secret Wars Secret Love #1

Love stories in Battleworld. See Thor's shirt rip clean off.

Spider-Verse #4


X-Tinction Agenda #3

The plague was manufactured to wipe out the homo-superiors. 


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