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This week in Secret Wars we finally see what led Doom to create Battleword, uncover Doom's control over the domains and get a lot of awesome stories from said domains!

So let's dive in shall we? In the video I'm going to discuss each one of the titles, and in this section I'll go over my top picks as well as the tie-ins that may be important to the story line!


Secret Wars #5 (duh)

In Secret Wars #5, the funeral for Stephen Strange is held. Doom blames his death on the survivors from the old world, but Valeria begins to question Doom (and gets slightly closer to the truth). He commands her to take the Foundation to find the people that killed Strange. Feeling guilty, he then goes underground to talk to Molecule Man, where talk about what caused Battleworld to be.

Korvac Saga #3

The "Madness" continues as Star Hawk is thought to be dead after coming in

 contact with whatever caused said "Madness". (The "Madness" is when one suddenly starts asking about stars and claims to know what the universe was like before Battleworld. They go crazy, turn into a monster and die) With his intense psionic powers, Baron Korvak was able to bring Star Hawk back to life. The madness spread to Mar-Vell, before Baron Korvak was able to remove it from him. After, he realized that the "Madness" was coming from the powerful psionic powers he had been blocking..

Inhumans Attilan Rising #4

Medusa begins to question Black Bolt about the resistance and their plan. He reveals that New Attilan broadcast signals to keep all domains in the vicinity compliant to Doom. Medusa realizes she is a pawn in Doom's game. The Thor Corps come to take Black Bolt away, but Medusa stops them..


Masters of Kung-Fu #4

This was the last Masters of Kung-Fu! It shows how Shang-Chi was created and also shows the formation of the other schools. After a skirmish with two of the most powerful schools, Shang-Chi heads to defeat the emperor. He uses the skills he learned from his father and new technique to turn the Emperor to stone. Shang0Chi 

then takes over as the new Emperor!

Secret Wars Battleworld #4

It's all about Silver Surfer, baby. There's a Mayan-esque Silver Surfer who has to kill Galactus to save the love of his life. There's also a Silver Surfer that gets his board back from the Maestro.

Planet Hulk #4

Doc Green rescues Steve from the Tribal Hulks! Devil Dinosaur comes back and helps Steve get into the Red King's castle (after Doc Green says something kind of startling and surprisingly human to him). When Steve arrives in the castle, the Red King reveals that he's already killed Bucky!!!

Secret Wars 2099 #4

So the Defenders have refused to join the Avengers and are slowly being taken out. Captain America has been dismissed but she's disobeying her commands! She helps the Defenders escape but then the phrase that turns her back into Roberta is uttered. She turns back into Roberta as soon as Doctor Strange and Valkyrie take her to Strange's secret fortress. 

A-Force #3

She-Hulk explores the portal (and winds up in the Years of Future Past domain).  She discovers that the portal was created by someone in Arcadia and returns to search for the traitor but not before the Thor Corps are after her. Medusa is killed after sending the Thors back in the portal and She-Hulk is officially a fugitive.


Years of Future Past #4

(Magneto had a plan to kill Chrissie in order to raise human hatred. Cameron wants to end the mutant race)

Star Lord and Kitty Pryde #2

(Kitty and Star Lord discover that Gambit wants Kitty in his collection)

Ghost Racers #3

(Robbie gets help from the Ghost Racers. Gabe in captured and forced to be a Ghost racer)

Mrs. Deadpool and the Howling Commandos #3

(Shiklah and the Commandos get the totem. Dracula goes crazy and starts killing his kingdom)

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