This week on Domains of Our Lives...

So Gen Con? Am I right? It's been a pretty crazy week at the shop but I've been trying to keep up on Secret Wars all the same! There have been some delays but hopefully they'll get back on track!

Now. Sorry again for the video two weeks later (It's like I'm a comic in Secret Wars, woops). So this one is a really big one! Let's talk about the...


Age of Ultron VS Marvel Zombies #2:

Okay so the premise of this one is Ultron's domain (Perfection, srsly dude?) and the Zombie's domain

 (Badlands) are at war! Caught in the middle is the small band of survivors led by Simon Williams (Wonder Man), Jim Hammond (the original Human Torch, back the HT was an android), and the Vision (Ultron's baby). They have recruited the help of a Hank Pym to help them stop Ultron. Only... this Hank Pym isn't the super smart scientist. He's from basically from the middle of nowhere. So how can help? At the same time, the zombie leader Magneto (or Zombneto as I sometimes call him) and Ultron have made a truce so that they can kill ALL THE HUMANS.

Well %$#!

Spider-Island #2:

New York is crawling with spiders! Er, spider-human hybrids? Humans infected by spiders?? Anyway, the Spider Queen rules all in Spider Island! There are only a few Avengers left and they're led by Agent Venom! Luckily, V for Venom has figured out a cure to the Spider-Plague, courtesy of Were Wolf Captain America (this is getting weirder). As they all make a final strike on the Spider Queen's AIM Base (lots of cool stuff is there), Vison makes a shocking discovery.... PETER MOTHER$#%$^#

Yeaaaaaah. Things are gonna get awesome.

Age of Apocalyspse #2:

A domain ruled by Apocalypse, the most ruthless mother$%#^### of all time. In

 this domain, humans are allowed to live, but poorly. Any wrong move and they could be extinct. Also, the X-Men are no more (kind of, there's a rebellion bubbling and it's led by Magneto). The Elite Mutant Force is led by Cyclops who is also led by Apocalypse. A huge fight broke out between the EMF and the X-Men, with a new mutant named Cypher (he can translate any written or spoken language) is caught in the middle. After the fight, Magneto has Cyclops captured and asks Cypher for his help in the rebellion..

Ultimate End #4:

The two Tony(s) are hatching up a plan to present the findings of the tear in their dimension to Lord Doom (even though he said NOT to investigate). But seeing as they are both from different worlds and are both the same person (hard headed), they disagree which causes a fight between the Ultimate Avengers and the 616 Avengers! Valeria Doom asks Doom to allow them to continue research, and he agrees. 

But that was before they knew Miles Morales was in town.. (remember Secret Wars #4?)

Infinity Gauntlet #3:

So not just one or two Novas.. But an an ENTIRE FAMILY of Novas! And they have some of the Infinity Stones. Thanos has one too but he can never seem to catch the

 Novas. So in order to cheat because he's a SORE LOSER, he uses his Time Stone to travel back in time every time he fails at gathering the stones. This time around he has kind of gained the Novas' trust. The gang eventually teams up with the Guardians and only a few more stones remain... but how long will Thanos be able to keep his cool?

AND A BONUS ONE BECAUSE we all need to cool down from the craziness of these Secret Wars tie ins!

Giant Size Little Marvel Avengers VS X-Men #3:

The Avengers and X-Men are still fighting for the attention of Zachary and Zoe (a pair of twins!). So this time around, they invite them into their tree houses, but the twins end up waaaaay up in the sky and right into the lap of the Guardians of the Galaxy!! And now the GOG want Zachary and Zoe to be their friends!

How are the X-Men and Avengers gonna compete with that!? That Star-Lord is so cool tbh.

And now fer the left over bits!

(Last Days Of) Black Widow #20:

(More background on Natasha's darkest day as she helps the Avengers gather a survivor's colony. FYI: She  kills a cat. Meow-tch.)

(Last Days Of) Ms Marvel #20:

(Ms. Marvel receives assistance from Captain Marvel to rescue her brother)

1602 Angela Witch Hunter #2:

(Angela and Serah talk about their relationship, kill a Faustian and meet the Gardiner's Men)

Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #3:

(Spidey VS Sinister Six. Mary Jane and Annie May are captured!)

Civil War #2:

(She Hulk spies on the Blue and Spider-Man leads a group into the Iron)

Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars #3:

(Deadpool helps save the Avengers and X-Men with great cost to his skin)

Future Imperfect #4:

(Gang sneaks into Norseheim to get the Destroyer)

Guardians of Nowhere #2:

(Guardians? Meet Yotat- some crazy strong practically immortal guy hell-bent on destroying the Destroy Drax)

MODOK Assassin #3:

(Angela and MODOK versus Assassin's Guild)

Red Skull #2:

(Magneto's full power is unleashed and he decides to help Red Skull on his mission)

Siege #2:

(Leah leaves to find Illyana. The Shield falls in 2 days)

Thors #2:

(Ultimate Thor VS 616's Mighty Thor- who has hidden his Jane Foster)

X-Men '92 #2:

(Wolverine fights himself, Storm won't accept the Mind Field and Rogue and Gambit explore romance, Cassandra is connected to Shadow King)

Secret Wars #5 comes out THIS WEEK. Yassss queeeeeen! Praise Doom! Blah blah lah! 

I'll see you next week!