Another Sunday, another Secret Farts video!

So this week was pretty 'aight. There was a lot of stuff to fill up your time until Secret Wars #5 comes out, so let's talk about the highlights for the tie-ins this week!!

Unfortunately there was nothing super significant that happened this week however that means we can sit back and enjoy some awesome stories! So here are my top 5 picks for this week in Secret Farts!

Civil War: Good ol' Civil War. If you're unfamiliar with the story, Civil War is an event where around 00 people were killed in a fight between inexperienced meta-humans and some frightfully strong super villains. This caused the Super Hero Registration Act, which exposes the identities of super heroes and makes them work for the government. The act was pushed forward by Miriam Sharpe, whose child was killed during that fight 

caused by inexperienced heroes. A majority of heroes were in agreement (led by Iron Man) and even more were opposed (led by Captain America) and stuck in the middle was our friendly neighborhood Spider-man.

This tie-in is almost an alternate reality of the final battle between Cap and Iron Man (because after that battle Captain America surrendered). Instead, the final battle kills more innocent people and super heroes and tears the country in two. Years later, Miriam Sharpe calls for a treaty between Captain America and Iron Man. Both are reluctant to speak to each other and during the meeting, Miriam is shot and killed, but the bullet was intended for Captain America. Thus, another war is in the making between the two..

1872: Ol' Western Avengers! The story is told from the perspective of reporter Ben Urich, who is under Mayor Fisk's thumb... Steven Rogers is the sheriff in town and he protects the town from Mayor Fisk and his band of thugs. After they try to lynch a Native American hero named Red Wolf, Sheriff Rogers steps in and puts him in protective custody. Anthony Stark, town drunk, starts a fight between the thugs causing Sheriff Rogers to kill them in self defense. After, he puts them on display in front of Mayor Fisk's home..

**P.S. Red Wolf is part of the new Marvel Comics line-up, so be sure to look for him after Secret Wars is


Spider-Verse #3: The group of spider-people are captured by the Sinister Six and brought back to Norman Osborn, who tries to explain that he is on their side. He was only uncertain if the group of Spiders were good guys or bad guys... Also Spider-Ham is a friend to Norman. Norman shows the group the web that binds all spiders together and the team decides to trust him... everyone except for Gwen Stacy. She leaves and heads to a graveyard where she runs into Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-man!

Ghost Racers #2: In this one, you get more background on the Ghost Races and how Robbie Reyes joined the race. Those with an Igniter Spirit are treated very poorly in Doomstandt and are forced to race for their freedom. If they lose they are tortured relentlessly.. And that is why Robbie wins every week. However the next race has been rigged for Robbie to lose! As the odds are stacking against Robbie, his Igniter Spirit, Eli, transports him elsewhere, and soon the best Ghost Racers are after him.

Secret Wars 2099 #3: So this one has been confusing because I had no idea what was going on but this issue was preeeetty good. Alchemax's Avengers are going against the Defenders (Doctor Strange, Hulk, Silver

 Surfer, Roman the Sub-Mariner and Valkyrie. Both groups are after Martin Hartgood (who tried to kill Captain America). After taking him down, the Defenders follow the Avengers back to their headquarters. Herc and Roman are constantly bickering over Valkyrie's hand while others are interrogating Hartgood. Later Mr. Stone tries to force the Defenders to join Alchemax, otherwise they will be known as super villains to the world. The Defenders try to escape from the Avengers, but only Doctor Strange and Valkyrie make it out..

As for the other Secret War tie-ins?

Age of Apocalypse (Baron Apocalypse rules En Sabah Nur, humans are contained, and a virus might wipe out all mutants)

Amazing Spider-man Renew Your Vows #2 (Super humans are hunted and Peter's daughter starts developing powers)

Inferno #3 (Ilyana attacks the X-Men headquarters and the Goblin Queen takes the throne in hell)

Master of Kung-Fu #3 (The 13 Chambers is opened, Shang-Chi defeats other great masters)

Mrs Deadpool and the Howling Commandos #2 (The HC don't kill Shiklah and she becomes their leader)

Runaways #2 (the kids find out kids die during the exam. PLOT TWIST. then

 they run away)

Spider-Island (Spider-Plague turns people into terrifying Spider-monsters. Agent Venom tries to find a cure)

Squadron Sinister #2 (Nighthawk turns more people against Hyperion including Warrior Woman)

NEXT WEEEEEK, we have Guardians of Knowhere (as seen below), Hail Hydra and a few others starting up! So I will see you next Sunday for more Secret Farts! 


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