Hello everyone! This week in comics we have new imaginings of old classics and a new hero for a new age. We also prison dramas, tales for acceptance and, uh, Deadpool(s). So let me fill you in on what is new and out this week! 


Miles Morales is officially part of the Marvel Universe and he's the Spider-man we need and deserve (since Parker is running a business or whatever). Miles is also an official member of the Avengers and his story is just getting started. Follow his adventures in his new home and find out what happened during that "eight"-month-gap-slash-headache-I-would-rather-not-discuss-again.

Dejah Thoris

Dejah Thor is back with new stories, a new creative team and a new costume (sorry if you were a fan of the pasties)! Hellium is in trouble! Deah's father has been kidnapped and in his absence, some disturbing secrets have come to light. Dejah's world is shaken as she discovers a horrid secret from her past is exposed. With a new sense of purpose, she journeys out on her own!


Kennel Block Blues

A new four issue prison drama involving my favorite thing since sliced bologna- anthropomorphic beings! Oliver is a good dog that's been placed on Death Row. As he's trying to plan an escape, his mind sort of, er, escapes reality a bit. He starts to imagine that he's in a cartoon fairy tale land full of puppy chow and... singing?  

Deadpool and the Mercs for Money

It's a new Deadpool comic for February because a certain someone's movie is coming out next week! Deadpool is an Avenger but did you know that he also runs his own private mercenary business? Oh, you did? You read Deadpool so you already know what I'm talking about? Well aren't you cool.

Anyway! If you need someone killt and Deadpool ain't around, the Merc$ got you covered! 


Mirror is the newest title from Image. It's a story of acceptance and it's also about a wicked cool adventure and friendship between three unlikely heroes. There's a dog terrorist, an idealistic mage and a lab rat and they all want the same thing- acceptance. 

Well folks that's all for this week. I'll see you next week to fill you in on comic news! 

**PS. Here's the Deadpool trailer because I love ya.