It was so hard to choose my favorites for this week. I didn't even get to mention the new Deadpool comic. Or the new one by Kevin Eastman. Or the one about a crazy social media mogul. OR THE NEW HOWARD THE DUCK COMIC. 

Well I guess I just mentioned those ones, but you know what I mean!

Anyway! Let's start with my Top Five Picks! 

Monstress #1

Monstress is the brain child of Chinese America author Marjorie Liu and Japanese artist Sana Takeda. The story takes place in the 1900s where Leviathans roam the earth, wielding power people long to steal. One girl stands in the way between the Leviathans and the humans that want to control them. This girl has an intense psychic bond with the Leviathans and is their only hope! It's steam punk and fantasy and all around a wonderful story filled with breath taking art! 

James Bond #1

THIS IS THE FIRST JAMES BOND COMIC TO COME OUT IN 20 YEARS. Yeah, no pressure or anything right? This NEW story is written by the talented Warren Ellis. It follows James Bond as he travels back to London after a brutal mission in Hellsinki. But all is not well in England and Bond can hardly down a Vesper Martini before things start to get wild again!

By the way, James Bond fans are spoiled. A new comic AND a new film. Wow. You guys have it made.

Vision #1

A new comic with vision...and Vision(s)! Anyway, so all Vision wants is to be normal. He's constantly reminded that he's a robot and he was made by you-know-who-who-was-evil. So what's an android to do? MAKE A FAMILY! Duh. It's literally the most normal thing out there. Now, you get to meet the Visions! (and sadly not with Scarlet Witch. I thought this whole Marvel reboot was just an excuse to get Wanda and Vision back together, but naw)

Citizen Jack #1

If you hate politics and love horror and think comedy is pretty okay, then THIS is the comic for you! Meet Jack! He's running for President, the thing is, he's got a lot of controversy surrounding him and things are looking grim for this small town politician. BUT THAT'S NOT BIG DEAL CAUSE JACK ACTUALLY WORSHIPS THE DEVIL SO HE'S GOT THE POWER OF SATAN ON HIS SIDE.

Klaus #1

Christmas fanatics rejoice! Well actually you should hold your applause.. Because this isn't the Santa Clause you remember. This isn't chubby Saint Nick delivering billions of presents in the span of 8 hours although that's physically impossible. This is Grant Morrison's Klaus and if you know anything about Grant Morrison's writing it's dark and really fudging confusing. This Klaus is a hunter and a warrior. It's a brand new origin story of Santa Clause! 

                                                              ^ seriously who the *%$& is that?


Extraordinary X-Men #1

The X-Men are back in town! But for how long?? The Terrigen Mists may give the Inhumans new and exciting powers but it's slowly killing the mutant race! Can Storm possibly save her kind before it's too late? ALSO on this team... Old Man Logan! And some other people too but OLD MAN LOGAN!!!! ASDFJKL;

Uncanny X-Men #600 The long awaited conclusion of Brian Michael Bendis' run of Uncanny X-Men! What's going on with Cyclops? What does this mean for the rest of the mutants? What's with the #600???? All these questions will be answered and more in this bonus sized finale!

NEXT WEEK IS ALSO AWESOME CAUSE COMICS. We have THE SHAZAM DARKSEID WAR TIE IN which I'm super pumped about, a new Superman origin comic, Secret Wars #7 AND Goddamned which is about how awful the world was before "God decided to flood it. "

So yeah! Full release list is here AND if anyone has been watching, I won't put out a new Secret Farts until next week when Secret Wars #7 hits stands! Sorry, mates! But I'll see you next week!


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