So sad news. Magneto's series is ends today with it's 21st issue.

It was a fun run! We got to learn more about Magneto's past and his relationship with his daughter, and we also got to see a new emotional depth of Magneto. He faced tough decisions but this decision to be the savior of his world seemed like his easiest (at least for him). Fear not, though! You can see Magneto(s) on Battleworld in Age of Apocalypse, House of M, Red Skull and many more titles! 

Also ending this week... 

Justice League Gods and Monsters with issue #3!

It's the prequel to the JLA Gods and Monsters movie that people have been talking about! In it's final issue, the newly formed Justice League must battle the deadly new villain Imperiex! But will they make it? (I mean...obviously but still. Just read the dang book)

Dead Drop #4!

Taking place in the super secret black market, four agents must find a dangerous biological weapon before it goes disaster strikes! Or we'll all be dead in 30 minutes. Crikey! This mini series brought together X-O Manowar, Archer, Beta Max and many more heroes. In it's final issue, Detective Cejudo has figured it all out! But what will happen after the truth is revealed?

Betty and Veronica #277

Betty and Veronica have been across the globe these last few issues. They're even switched places with each other to see how different their lives are! Now they are returning home, but can things ever be the same?

**ALSO I apologize. Betty and Veronica is still an ongoing series! This is not its final issue. I got confused. Sorry, I must be getting old.

Anyway! Wanna know about some other great stuff out this week?

Drive #1 James Sallis wrote a novel and then the novel became that great film starring Ryan Gosling. Now the book has been adapted in comic book form in case you couldn't get enough of it. In case you are unfamiliar, in LA there's one guy you call if you need to get somewhere. He doesn't talk much, he's not into anyone's business and he's a damn good driver. But then the guy who never gets mixed up into any shit gets mixed into some shit. 

Zodiac Starforce #1

A group of teenage girls are bestowed with magical powers so that they can save the world! I know, it sounds r eally cheesy and lame. But it's actually really cheesy and great! If you like new comics such as Jem and the Holograms, the new Batgirl run, Ms. Marvel or even Gotham Academy, this is a comic for you!

Superman #43 Superman has been through hell. His powers are fluctuating and now his identity has been exposed! And Lois Lane was the one to do it! If you've been reading the other Superman titles, like Action Comics, Superman/Wonderwoman or Superman/Batman, then you already know his identity has been revealed and now everyone hates him. It's a hard knock life for Clark.

We Can Never Go Home #4

Two kids who don't quite fit in, a popular girl and a weird-o boy, meet, bond over the fact they have super powers, then run away together and start robbing drug dealers to support themselves! Little do they know that the girl was being monitored by the government and now government agents and the dealers they've been stealing from are after them! Way to go, guys. 

Need to see all of the new releases? Here you go!I will see you all Sunday for Secret Farts!


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