Hey everyone! Another awesome week of comics is upon us! This week we have a major event from Valiant, more Secret Wars tie ins and some new FIONNA AND CAKE. Yeaaaaaaauhhhh. So lemme run you through the five titles I'm going to pick up this week! (sorry about all the DC titles)

Justice League #42: The Darkseid War is upon us! In the last issue, Mister Miracle was reintroduced to us and boy does he look bad ass. Also, the Justice League was getting their asses handed to them. In this one, Darkseid and the Anti-Moniter (bad guy that's destroyed tons of universes and is also against moniters) are about to wage war on each other and the entire universe is caught in the middle (mainly EARTH, where we live)! Wonder Woman is making sure the Justice League is ready for war and Mister Miracle is finding an ally...

ALSO. There's been talk that Batman may become a New God (stronger, smarter, faster than a normal dude).

 And that's a huge deal. As if Batman wasn't bad ass enough now he has this too?


Martian Manhunter #2: Rob Williams has completely re-imagined our favorite jolly green Martian in this new series! 

Turns out, J'onn was sent by the rest of the martians to investigate the planet so they could one day invade Earth... and that day is upon us! In the second issue, you get to see J'onn fight Superman. The fight we've all been dying to see pan out. Alien against alien; one loved by all and one hidden behind the rest of the Justice League!

Postal: In case you didn't go Postal, here's a recap. A town of 

murderers and other criminals trying to become normal citizens again. Only there's a murder in town that is getting interest from the FBI and might ruin what they have going for them. Also, there are a bunch of wacky secrets and other mischief. Now in the second story arc, themail man (our protagonist) starts going through everyone's mail to keep an eye on everyone. But I don't think he's gonna like what he finds next..

Secret Six #4: Six strangers brought together for some reason we don't really know yet. They are heroes (kind of), mercenaries and just an odd mix of personalities all mixing and twisting together all held together by some dude named Big Shot (who has mass changing powers). After narrowly escaping from Gotham, the group finds themselves in the suburbs, trying to blend in? As if. Good luck hiding these guys.

**ALSO. Big Shot is someone familiar we all know and maybe love? Idk. I only kind of like him. Too soon for the "I love yous".

Ralph Dibny?

Elongated Man? Justice League-er? 

Come on.

Steven Universe TP: OKAY. Time for something cute. The first trade paperback for the Steven Universe comic!

 It's beautiful. Have you watched the TV show? About a little dude that has the power of a crystal gem but doesn't really know how to use it? It's great. Adventure, humor, slight romance, hot dogs, singing and much much more. So in case you missed when the comics first came out (like I did), now you can catch up on all the cuteness with the trade paper back which has the first 4 issues. It's great.

Seriously great, trust me.

Anyway! That's all for this week? Watch the video, it's okay. My cat, T'Challa, is in there and he's cute, right? 

I'll see you Sunday for more Secret Farts and next week for more comic goodness!

Need the full release list? I got you covered.Love you, guys.

Was that too soon?