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Hello everyone! This week is the most exciting week ever! Valentine's Day is around the corner and so is Deadpool's new movie! But to tide us over until the big days arrive, we have some pretty kick ass comics releasing this week. So here's my list of my favorite comics coming out this week!



This is probably the most adorable comic ever and it's mostly due to newcomer Caitlin Rose Boyle's fantastic art. Written by Sam Humphries (Citizen Jack, Star Lord), it's about a girl named Jonesy who can make people fall in love! However, she cannot use her powers to make people fall in love with her, so she has to find love the old fashioned and really lame way! In her debut issue, it's Valentines' Day and love is most def in the air...


Badger is a comic from the 80's that was short lived. It follows a man who is ridiculously good at martial arts and can communicate with animals. Now in this reboot, Norbert Sykes has returned home from war. He's a vet trying to figure things out but everyone thinks he's insane. He's a little crazy, but that's not the point. He's actually really really crazy. And thinks he's a badger or something.

Second Sight

A new comic by David Hine (Spider-Verse) that follows Ray Pilgrim, a man who can get inside the minds of serial killers. He's solved many crimes until he was accused of murder years ago. Now his daughter follows in his foot steps. She's trying to expose the Wednesday Club- a terrible hive of child rapists that live in England- and the Wednesday Club wants her killed. Now Ray will have to use his powers once again to save his daughter's life.

Jughead #4

Jughead has been one of my favorites thus far. Written by Chip Zdarsky (Howard the Duck, Sex Criminals) and illustrated by Erica Henderson (The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl), Jughead suspects Riverdale High is under the control of some really bad people and it's up to him and Dilton to save the school. 

This issue is also really big because it officially reveals that Jughead is asexual! 

Batman #49

This latest story arc of Batman has been insane. Jim Gordon is the new Batman (which is controlled by the police department), a new villain named Bloom has risen, and Bruce Wayne refuses to acknowledge his past (there's also something about the Joker being an ordinary Joe). Now, the future of Batman will be forever changed in this issue! Bruce is back at the cave and finally ready to do whatever it takes to save Gotham...


Deadpool #7

This week is a big week for Deadpool! Not only his his movie coming out Thursday, but he's also celebrating his 25th anniversary! Back in 1991, he crashed through Xavier's mansion and straight into our hearts. 2016 has been a big year for Wade- he's become an Avenger, he's gotten married, and he's probably the most cosplayed superhero at conventions. In this super stuffed 7th issue, Wade has to deal with the fact that he's constantly in the spotlight. Or maybe not deal with it because ignoring problems usually makes them go away, right? This issue also features a wide array of artists and writers who all have come together to celebrate Deadpool's big day.

That's it for this week! I hope you all enjoy Valentines' Day and Deadpool's movie premiere this weekend!

Please remember, while I'm sure kids have heard of Deadpool and are excited for a new super hero movie, this movie has an R-rating for a reason. It's raunchy, vulgar and also has Ryan Reynolds in the nude. 

With that being said, please enjoy this clip from the movie (slightly NSFW)


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