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So it's been a while guys! I've been letting the Secret Wars stuff build up so I have a lot to talk about, so sorry for the delay! Plus I've barely had time to even read them so there's that too. But I'm here so don't be sad anymore!

There's been a lot of junk going down on Battleworld. The final battle is starting and lots of mini series are ending. The only titles left are Ultimate End and the main Secret Wars title. So let's go over what happened these last few weeks!

Secret Wars #7

So here it is! We waited like 5 months for.. this. So basically what happens is the beginning of the final war. Some of Doom's generals are turning on him and Maximus the Mad is leading his army to attack Doom's castle! (Maximus is an Inhuman and he's part of the Cabal). Black Panther and Namor are breaking the Shield wall so that Black Panther can lead an army of zombies to mess with Doom. 

So yeah. Things are getting crazy up in here?

Secret Wars Guide

It's literally what it sounds like- it's a guide book to the Secret Wars universe. So in case you ever wanted to know important information such as what's up with the Spider-verse or the history of Volcana, then this is for you!

Secret Wars TOO!

Okay, this is probably the best thing to come out of Secret Wars. This is a collection of short comics mocking the entire series and basically admitting that they don't know where this is going. There's a short where Jonathan Hickman tries to  come up with an ending for the event but fails and a lot of other fun stuff. You get to see a naked Old Man Logan beating up a tiger and many other random stories.

It makes me feel a little better about this whole fiasco.

House of M #4

Magneto leads the human rebels to take down Quicksilver and Namor. Everyone is  scrambling to get Magneto's powers back so he can end this war and become the king again. Wiccan tries to restore his power but cannot so he goes to rescue his mother from the Atlantians so that she can. Magneto, Quicksilver and Namor have one final show down and it looks like all is lost when suddenly Magneto's powers are restored! He kills Namor and allows the human rebels their freedom. The land of Genosha is back in one piece and harmony is restored!

Hail to the king, baby.

Infinity Gauntlet #5

So Thanos killed the mother with the soul stone (although technically her soul is just trapped in the stone). Now it's a race to find the reality stone! The Guardians fight the gigantic bug thing and Thanos is fighting a future evrsion of himself. The Nova family reaches the stone first and soon it's a fight against Thanos! Thanos proves that he is more powerful than they are and soon it's Anwen against Thanos. Thanos promises her that her family will be safe as long as she gives him the stone. She agrees... but IT'S A TRAP!!!! She created a death stone from the reality stone and it kills Thanos. Now Anwen has all the stones and she used them to rescue her mother..

(It was a real tear jerker. I cried only a little)

Squadron Sinister #4

Battle of the century! Hyperion VS. Nighthawk! And it's like they tore a page right out of the Dark Knight  Returns.... mmhm. Anyway, so Nighthawk kills Hyperion to gain control over Utopia. Meanwhile, the Nutopians are rising so that they can free the area from the Squadron Sinister. Right before Nighthawk is about to fight the Nutopians, the Thors come to arrest him! Warrior Woman spoke to Doom and told him what was going on in the domain. Doom finds him guilty and sends him to the Shield where he fights Ultrons now. Back in Utopia, the Nutopians try to help the citizens but they preferred the Squadron to their new heroes....

Thors #4

Rune Thor and Destroyer Thor are basically corrupt cops. Rune Thor had been killing Jane Fosters because they all knew the truth about Battleworld. Mighty Thor and Ultimate Thor fought them for a while... until OUR Thor came to talk to all the Thors about the lies of Doom! She leads them into battle (see Secret Wars #7) and Ultimate Thor reveals that he knows who she is. 

It ends with the world being set back to normal and Ultimate Thors hammer landing on Earth..

Where Monsters Dwell #5 Karl Kaufman rebuilds the Phantom Eagle! Clemmie Franklin-Cox confronts him and tells him her back story. After telling him her story and certain the plane will break down, she lets him leave.. But Karl makes it and the Phantom Eagle flies again! But then it gets caught in a storm and Karl crashes on an island... the Island of Dung where his bride-to-be from issue one is waiting for him! So now Karl can live happily(?) with his wife and child that he had previously abandoned! 


More ANAD titles hit the past few weeks as well! None of them tell what happened on Battleworld, so don't worry about spoilers! Old Man Logan is part of the Extraordinary X-Men and it appears that the Ultimate Universe and Earth-616 are now connected forever so there's that!

So that's pretty much it! This might be it for a while.. Secret Wars #8 doesn't come out any time in the near foreseeable future, so.... yeah. The only issues left in this event are Secret Wars #8 and #9 and the final issue of Ultimate End.

I'll see you Wednesdays tho! So there's that!

Enjoy the new line up! 


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