**DISCLAIMER: There is no jam (or jelly) in this vlog episode.

Hey, hey, hey! Another week....more Secret Wars comics. This week has a lot of potentially important ones that could possibly tie into the main story line and make for some interesting drama.

These past two weeks seem to focus on a majority of the characters uncovering the truth about Battleworld and Doctor Doom's role in this world. Many are having dreams of their lives before BW and others are beginning to understand that Doom created this world from bits and pieces of destroyed worlds. What could they do with this information? What could they possibly hope to do when it comes to confronting an omnipotent Doom with god-like powers?

Well, I'm sure time will tell, right? ;-)

Anyway, let's get started the ones you should read if you want to unwrap the mysteries of Battleworld!

**Warning. You may become more confused if you read these. But that's okay. Who doesn't like being confused all the time?

(Last Days Of) Silver Surfer #13: THE BIG KISS. Silver Surfer and Dawn Greenwood finally kissed and now their relationship might be over before it began. Woops. As they are travelling across the galaxy, they run into the Never Queen (a living embodiment of possibility) who proclaims that there is no future! They begin their journey back in time to survive the end of the world and escape through a rip in the fabric of time and space. There, they meet Glorian (maker of miracles) who says they can create a new reality!!!! 

Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders: So, the domain is Yinsen City. Baron Ho Yinsen keeps having dreams of another world. Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk/Thor) and Spider Hero (Hobie Brown) are also

 experiencing the same "dreams" of their former life. As the Defenders are on patrol, the come across a mysterious woman- Captain Britain- who starts challenging Doom and saying she must find her old home. Doom over hears and takes away She-Hulk's Thor powers and unleashes the enemies of Yinsen City (Mondo City) upon them as punishment for heresy. 

Guardians of Knowhere: There's a floating head in space that holds a bunch of refugees and aliens. Gamora has crazy cosmic powers that allows her to know who Thanos is and how the world was made and what the world was before Doom came to be. Also, Angela is hunting her because she ran away from her domain (which is not allowed). 

Hail Hydra: So Captain America (Steve Rogers) has an adopted son named Ian Rogers-AKA Nomad- who's real dad is Arnim Zola (big shot in Hydra). After a skirmish on the former world, Nomad escaped into the Infinite Elevator which led him to Battleworld, specifically a domain where New York City was founded by Hydra. After destroying a Bio Factory, he runs into the Battleworld version of himself... Leopold Zola, the man he was supposed to become if raised by his biological father. 

Old Man Logan #3: Logan narrowly escapes Baron Apocalypse and the Thorgard before he is (literally) knocked into another domain- Technopolis.

 There, he meets Baron Tony Stark and another Thorgard, Marshall Rhodes. After telling them he wants to meet Baron Doom, he also tries to jog Baron Starks memory, but to no avail. Marshall Rhodes engages him in a fight and after losing, Logan is sent to the Deadlands (the worst worst part of Battleworld)..

Future imperfect #3: The rebellion storms Maestro's castle to rescue the Thing, but they find him perfectly happy and well fed. In fact, he and Maestro are talking about over throwing Doom together. How, you ask? Well with the Destroyer, of course.

Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde: Ugh, Star Lord and Kitty Pryde are too cute. But they're not especially cute in this one! Peter Quill is under the guise of "Stevie Rogers", a singer for the Quiet Room! 

One day, a Kitty Pryde (who works directly for Doom), walks into the club and the rest is history.

Kind of.

There's a little more to the story. Like Gambit and a Drax with hair. Did I mention that this is OUR Star-Lord?

 The original, from Universe 616? That might have been important to the story.

Anyway! At the end, Kitty handcuffs herself to Peter and takes him to Doomgard! Yayyyy?!?!?

Aaaaand here are the rest of the Secret Wars tie-ins including the "Last Days Of" storylines!

(An * beside it means I think it's pretty wicked cool)

*Last Days Of Loki Agent of Asgard #16

(All heroes, dead and alive, join to fight King Loki. King Loki runs like a #$%@& and new-Loki manages to keep Verity and other alive, for now)

Last Days Of Magneto #20

(Magneto steals Polaris's powers in order to complete his suicide mission. There's also a club for Magneto rampage survivors) 

Last Days Of Punisher #20

(Frank Castle takes down the terrorist group, but dies)

Armor Wars #3

(Rhodes takes on Fisk, while Tony and Arno make amends and talk about stuff)

*Secret Wars Battleworld #3

(Peaceful Wolverine VS a whole lot of normal Wolverines. Western Deadpool hunts a T-Rex)

Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #2

(Captain Marvel and crew hides Rhodey- the man they attacked and then rescued)

*E is for Extinction #2

(Magneto has been restricting old X-Men powers using Phoenix egg. Quentin bonds with Phoenix egg)

Inhumans Attilan Rising #3

(Medus captures Black Bolt. Quiet Room destroyed)

*Korvac Saga #2

(Baron's wife dies from mysterious virus. They discover reality has been shifted...)

Marvel Zombies #2

(The kid is captured by Zombie-Medusa. Commander Elsa has more daddy issues than Bojack Horseman)

*Planet Hulk #3

(Group attacked by tribal Hulks. Doc Green tells Steve he needs to kill the Red King)

Siege #1

(The wall that protects all of Battleworld will fall in 20 days)

*Weirdworld #2

(Still not sure what is going on but it's so good)

*Where Monsters Dwell #3

(Captured by Amazons, Karl Kaufmann disobeys the rules and is about to have his $%@# chopped off)

*Years of Future Past #3

(Cameron and Christina are siblings. The enemies have captured Nightcrawler)

That was kind of long wasn't it?

My bad! Anyway! Next week we have Thors #2, Angela Witch Hunter #2, aaaand Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars #3! So I'll see you next week to talk about all of that mess!

PS. I lied about the jam. Sorry 


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