Hello all! I hope you're having a wonderful week so far. This week a comic legend returns the scene, we get to meet the worst X-Man EVER, plus Karnak is finally back. So let's get started!


Superman: The Coming of the Supermen

The comic legend Neal Adams (he's the illustrator that essentially created the modern Batman) has returned to comics! In this new mini series that has been written and illustrated by him, the world is in trouble! Darkseid and his posse have invaded Earth. The heroes have fallen. Superman is all that's left standing, but he'll need help. Enter three heroes from the miniature city of Kandor, endowed with the same powers as Superman! This is not a job for just one Superman... it's a job for FOUR Supermen!

PS. Do you know how hard it was to not make an off color remark about the name of this comic? DO. YOU. KNOW?

X-Men: The Worst X-Man Ever

The Worst X-Man ever is the new Marvel mini series! Bailey Hoskins has just discovered that he's a mutant. Previously an awkward misfit with no girlfriend, this should be a potentially great moment in his life! Finally, there will be people who understand him and people he can bond with, right? Wrong. Bailey is the WORST X-Man ever; he's a true misfit among the misfits. 

Karnak #2

Karnak is FINALLY back. After taking an almost five month hiatus, Warren Ellis and Gerardo Zaffino return to tell their story of this unique Inhuman. After agreeing to help the government in a special case, Karnak soon finds himself against a room full of enemy agents! No one is getting out alive!

Well except for Karnak, that is, because duh. 

Plutona #4

Plutona is another title that took quite a break.The story revolves around a group of kids finding the body of a dead super hero in the woods and what they decide to do after their discovery will forever change them. In this penultimate chapter, Mie believes that one of her friends broke their silence about the super hero and she soon makes a shocking discovery!

Octopus Pie

Octopus Pie was originally a webcomic written and drawn by Meredith Gran that is now available in a solid book form! It's the equivalent of Scott Pilgrim, Girls and Broad City all rolled into one (yikes that's quite the delicious combo). It follows a duo of twenty-somethings as they navigate the post college life AKA.... GROWNUP-HOOD!! Together they take on love, life, art, awkward experiences and god only knows what else.