Hello everyone! I apologize if I sound a little raspy in this video. I'm getting over the flu and it's not letting me go without a fight, This week we have some Disney comics being released and a new comic from Jim Starlin and Alan Davis! 


Haunted Mansion

All right, I'm lowkey really excited about this one. I have very fond memories of the Haunted Mansion movie starring Eddie Murphey. Plus, the ride is pretty fun too. Plus I like Disney stuff okay, Leave me alone. So, this is the newest comic book adaptation of a Disney Kingdom ride to hit stands! It follows the story of the Haunted Mansion, which, if you're unfamiliar, is about an old mansion that houses 999 ghosts.... and they're looking for their 1000th resident! Could it be you!?


The war is over. The evil Akuma has been defeated and the world has a chance to grow peacefully. Worn out from battle, our hero Takeo journeys to the mysterious Unnamed Island to seek out the truth behind the strange tattoo that saved his life.

Infinity Entity

Comic legends Jim Starlin and Alan Davis return to continue the adventures of Adam Warlock! In this new series taking place after the events of Infinity Relativity, we discover Adam Warlock's fate. We get to dive inside of Adam's chaotic mind and even see some familiar faces like the Avengers! But they're not the Avengers like we remember them..

Kennel Block Blues #2

Oliver's not really adjusting to prison life very well. In the first issue, he barely survived! There's a prison war about to break out between the cats and the dogs and Oliver needs to snap out of it or he'll never making it home in one piece! In the second issue, Oliver and his new "friends"  are trying to distract the guards long enough to make their big escape!

Vision #5

If you've been keeping up with Vision's new series, then you know its been quite a wild ride. There have been secrets and lies and a lot of death to go around. The neighborhood will never be the same after Vision and his family are though with it! In this issue, secrets are being exposed and it's all leading up to a giant cliffhanger no one is going to see coming! 

That's all for this week! Next week, we have Superman #50, International Iron-Man, and a Legends of Tomorrow series! I'll see you next week!

** Here's the full release list! 


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