Happy Thanksgiving! It's the time of the year where people are thankful for the most important thing of all... comics! And this week there's a LOT to be thankful about. The final arc to Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns saga, a new Jupiter's Circle series, the Archie comics are back AND, if that's not enough, we have a new issue of Saga.

So let's get started with my top picks for the week!


Dark Knight 3: The Master Race #1

Obviously this is at the top of my list. The Dark Knight Returns was one of the first Batman comics I ever read. After that, I was hooked.

If you are unfamiliar with the series, here's a brief synopsis. Batman has been retired for years because the government sucks that's why. But Gotham is falling. The city needs a hero. So Batman puts on the cowl once again to save his city from a vicious gang called the Mutants with the help of his new Robin.. a spunky red head named Carrie Kelley! There's also the return of the Joker AND the most epic Batman and Superman fight ever. The DKR is the inspiration for Batman Vs. Superman movie (which is why Batman's symbol looks "weird and fat"). There's also an animated film about it, if you don't feel like reading things.

There was a sequel to the DKR that was all about the world's greatest superheroes being forced to work for the government. Most people say that it bombed (it wasn't that bad, guys, come on). Now, in it's final arc, the dark, gritty and super old Batman returns to go against... the master race! There's a fantastic creative team behind this series (Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello, Andy Kubert) plus there are 53 variant covers for the first issue! 

Jacked #1

Another new Vertigo title from a few Vertigo veterans from Preacher and Hellblazer! This one is about a neurotic man who starts taking pills to boost energy and focus. Normal every day American stuff right? Well it turns out these pills give him super strength and a lot of other funky powers! Not so normal American stuff. But the pills come with a side effect... they're SUPER addictive and that's when things start to get hairy. It's a super hero story for a modern age!

Jupiter's Circle VOL. 2 #1

Jupiter's Circle is the sequel to the prequel of Jupiter's Legacy (which is about the sons and daughters of the world's greatest super heroes) and it's written by Mark Millar! Jupiter's Circle follows the early adventures and dramas of the world's first super heroes. It's like Mad Men meets Justice League. It's amazing. The last story arc ended with a bang so we're back to see how our heroes are faring. 

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is the comic you've been dreaming about. Meet  Lunella, the preteen super genius! She's just an ordinary really smart girl trying to live a normal life despite her Inhuman genes. Fortunately for her, living a normal life is not in the cards! The Devil Dinosaur gets transported from another time period to our present time and forms an unlikely bond with our hero Lunella! 

Ringside #1

Wrestling fans rejoice! Here's the comic for you! This story is about all the dramas that happen inside and outside of the ring! It's all about the wrestlers and the suits that run the show. 

**If you're in the mood to read another good wrestling comic, I highly recommend the Andre the Giant: Closer to Heaven graphic novel that came out last week. You get Andre's back story plus you get to see how wrestling became the huge sensation it is today! 


Saga #31

Saga is back with it's 6th story arc! So the last story arc ended with a bunch of people dying and heart shattering all over the place as Hazel and Klara were taken away from everyone she loves! In this first issue she'll have to deal with the greatest adventure of her life that will shape her entire life.... kindergarten! 

Archie #4

So since Saga is back, that means we have to say goodbye to Fiona Staples and welcome Annie Wu (Black Canary) to Riverdale! In this issue we FINALLY get to see what the lipstick incident was all about! Plus there's a special bromance brewing between Moose and Dilton! 

Jughead #2

Jughead is back in his second issue! The PE teacher has been replaced by a crazy  tough-as-nails teacher! And that's bad because Jughead will have to be active and the only thing Jughead is active about is eating three cheeseburgers in 30 seconds. What's our Juggie to do??

Best. Week, Ever. Next week looks just as promising. From the ANAD lineup, we have All New X-Men, Red Wolf and Totally Awesome Hulk hitting stands! There's also a new Batman event called the Robin War starting and Harley's Little Black Book begins as well (plus there are some really awesome, exclusive bagged variant covers).

So Happy Thanksgiving, if you celebrate it! If you're in Indianapolis, Downtown Comics will be having a huge Black Friday sale! Plus, it's Small Business Saturday which means all the local comic shops are doing something special for it. There are exclusive covers that you can only get at local comic shops that Saturday!

So those are just a few more reasons why you should visit your local comic shop this weekend! 

I will see you next week to talk about comics! 

**CLICK HERE for the full release list! 


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