#NUVOpop: Canadian Superman


Hello, everyone! I hope you had a fantastic weekend at Pop Con and sufficiently nerded up!

Now, let's get on to the new releases! There's a lot of cool stuff going on this week in Comic Book Land so here's a list of everything that I'm going to be reading this week!

(Okay only the 5 issues I'm the most excited about. I read practically everything that comes in and we don't want to go too overboard, now do we?)

8House Arclight

- A new Image title that's about a lordess and an alien switching minds! The alien (with the lordess's mind) has been hiding in the outskirts of town, until she sees that the lordess (with the alien's mind) has returned. Get ready for some DRAAAAAMAAAA

We Stand On Guard

- Do you like Saga? Have you ever heard of Y the Last Man (best series evar)? How do you feel about Canada? Are you tired of these questions? Well say no more! Brian K Vaughan, writer extraordinaire, brings us a new Image titles about the US invading Canada 100 years from now! Spoiler, the US has some crazy killer robots as well. Yikes!

Airboy 2

-In case you missed the first issue, here are the cliff notes. It's sort of an autobiography/ self reflection from an artist and writer team. The writer, James Robinson, was a great writer but he's gotten lazy and his life is slowly falling apart. When he gets a chance to reboot the classic golden age Airboy series, he and his artist, Greg Hinkle, go on a bender and wake up the next morning to the REAL LIFE Airboy IRL in their hotel room.


Now in issue two, you get to see them introduce Airboy (wholesome good ol' American superhero) to the 21st century! (Welcome to the 21st century, Airboy! We hope you survive the experience!)

Wicked and Divine 12

-Please tell me you've been reading this. If not here's the premise. 12 gods (of all mythos) resurrect every 90 years. For two years they have all the power in the world, but after two years they are dead. Oh and they are kept "safe" by this chick Ananke.

So some crazy stuff happened in issue 11 and it is now Post-Fandamonium. This issue has awesome guest artists and a new story arc so buckle in for a wild ride, ladies and gents!

Princess Leia 5

- This is the LAST issue of her mini series! So far, she's been building an army to lead an attack on the Empire and now that time has come. Join the fight as the Princess of Alderaan leads her people against the Empire!

Come on, guys it's Star Wars and it's written by Mark Waid (Kingdom Come, Archie) and honestly what more could you want from a comic?

So that's my list! There's more in the video of course ;)

Need the full list still? Click here, my friend! 

And I will see you on Sunday for a super jam packed Secret Farts (Secret Wars) video!


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