PRETTY DEADLY IS BACK EVERYONE. What is Pretty Deadly, you ask? Well don't you worry your *chuckle* pretty little head, I will inform you about the beautiful series you've been missing out on! 

PLUS I will tell you about all the other new and awesome titles that came out this week!


Pretty Deadly #6

Pretty Deadly is a series by Kelly Sue Deconnick. It follows the bloody adventures of Death Face Ginny, the daughter of death, in a western setting! It's like Preacher, Sandman and East of West all rolled into one book. The art is dreamy and breath taking and Deconnick spins one heck of a yarn about a battle against Death! The series took A VERY VERY VERY LONG break and now it's back for it's sixth issue! Our main characters are back in a new century facing new challenges and dangers! 

**PS. There's a super cool Valkyries variant cover for this issue. What are the Valkyries? "They're a force to be reckoned with."

Huck #1

First off, let's just get this out of the way, it's by Mark Millar so we already know it's gold. Second, it's already been signed for a movie, and that was BEFORE it was released! Third, it's a great story plus it's full of heart (even if it's basically a story about Superman; sorry not sorry). Huck follows a boy in a small town who can do extraordinary things... impossible things, even. The people in town gladly keep his secret, but when money is offered, how long will they keep his secret?

Batman Europa #1

ROAD TRIP TIME! Pack your bags guys; this is literally the best road trip you will ever go on! There's a virus that possibly does not have a cure so who does Batman ask for help? Only the maker of one of the toughest viruses Batman has ever had to face- the Joker! So now the Joker and Batman are going on a road trip across Europe but something tells me that this trip won't be all Cheetos and mix tapes..

Spider-Woman #1

Spider-Woman is back! She's the most kick butt spider person ever. In her last series, she teamed up with Ben Urich and the former villain Porcupine to save the world! Now, with their help, she's going to tackle... mother hood??? You read that read! Jessica Drew is a pregnant super heroine and in this new series she will be tackling her greatest challenge yet... maternity leave! 

Oh the horror...

Wrath of the Eternal Warrior #1

The Eternal Warrior is a superhero from Valiant who is the world's deadliest and greatest soldier (sorry, Captain America). He has shaped the world throughout the years with his sword. Now, he's stuck on an alien planet. But this world is NOTHING like Earth. It's hostile, cruel and unforgiving. But I'm sure he can handle it, right?



Secret Wars Too (one shot)

Are you tired of Secret Wars? Are you kind of worn out from Secret Wars but still enjoy it? Do you like funny junk? Well you should read this! It's about the Beyonders and all sorts of stupid stuff. It's really great. Its a one shot. It will also cure mid-week blues (actually it might be able to cure any kind of "blues" but probably not?) 

Just read it okay. Look at the cover. It's drawn by Chip Zdarsky. It's hilarious. 

Red Thorn #1

Another new title from Vertigo! This one has a lot of Scottish gods and mythologies coming to life! There's a girl whose drawings come to life. There's also a demi-god who is planning his big prison escape across town from her! If you like Fables and Sandman and mythologies and great stories, you should check this one out! 

Vader Down #1 A NEW CROSS OVER SERIES FROM STAR WARS. This month we are truly blessed- new Star Wars trailers to tide us over until December 17th AND a super cool cross over event! Darth Vader has been trapped on a planet where he must face off against the Rebel Fleet on HIS OWN. Now we will know the true power of the dark side! Watch as everyone prepares to attack Vader- Luke, Leia, Han and MORE. Plus more Droids that you could ever imagine. It crosses over between the main Star Wars series and the Darth Vader series!

Ugh there was so much out this week. The new Thor started and Ms. Marvel is back and there's just a lot happening okay? Just watch the video, please? I couldn't write about it all. And sorry for being weird in it; I was super tired.

Click here for the full release list! **ALSO SO SO SO SORRY for the Secret Farts delay. I haven't even gotten half way through last week's reads. It's been crazy busy lately but I promise I'll have it up this Sunday! Pinky swears. 


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