Hey everyone! There are a bunch of great books out this week! Lots of DC mini-events, lots of ANAD titles and yet.. no Secret Wars #8. BOOOOOOOO!

Anyway! Let's get started with my top picks!


Harley's Little Black Book #1

Please welcome DC's newest bi-weekly series! In this series, Harley Quinn crosses over with a LOT of DC characters and first on deck is Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman has a hit on her and it's up to Harley Quinn to save the "damsel in distress"?! 

**This issue also features a bunch of bagged variant covers. There are three different bagged variants in total- one ORIGINAL sketch cover, one inked black and white cover and a fully colored variant! 

All New X-Men #1

The X-Men are back (from the past; it's weird)! The previous All-New X-Men series featured the original X-Men from the past (Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, Ice Man and Angel) being brought to the future by a desperate (present version of) Beast. So long story short, these past X-Men are now stuck in the present forever! Joining them in this series are Wolverine (X-23), Oya and Kid Apocalypse. The world is a really bad place for mutants at the moment and this group is going to try to make things better for all mutants! 

Garfield's Cheesy Holiday #1

Okay, don't judge me. Garfield has been my comic since I was a young kid. I used to clip the panels from the newspaper and carry my collected Garfield editions everywhere so if I want to put the spotlight on the holiday special SO HELP ME ZOD I WILL OKAY?! In this one shot, Garfield makes the world's most perfect lasagna. Only... it's not so perfect. In fact, it's a bad lasagna. So bad that it's going to eat ALL the lasagnas in the world! *gasp* 

Now whatever will we eat for Christmas dinner? :(

Robin War #1

DC has been putting out a LOT of events and crossovers this past year, and this next one is all about the Robins. So Damian Wayne is back from wherever-the-heck-he-was and he's pissed. Gotham is totally upside down! Bruce Wayne isn't Batman, there are these young whippersnappers calling themselves "Robin" and FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY WHAT HAPPENED TO JIM GORDON'S MUSTACHE!? So yeah. Damian has never been the most cheerful Robin but this time it's going down!

**This mini-event crosses over between multiple titles BUT this main title is only two issues long, so yeah.

X'ED #1

The newest title from Black Mask Studio! So there are these people who can get transported into YOUR brain to destroy the demons that haunt your mind! Crazy, right? Weird, right? And now an ex-military shooter is in the mix, but it's not a right fit. So things are going to HEAT UP. This one is a huge psychological thriller! 

That's it for this week! Next week we have Secret Wars #8 (hopefully) AND the Batman/TMNT crossover! YASSSSSS! So I'll see you next week!

**IF you need the full release list, here you go! 


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