Hey everyone! it's your favorite day of the week, am I right??

What do you mean you like Taco Tuesday better?

FINE! Anyway, hopefully you've had your fill of wrapped meats and can now concentrate on COMICS. Because comics are life and there are some really cool ones out this week. 

So let's get started with my top five picks for this week and then you can all listen to the beautiful-ish sound of my voice as I talk at you about more comics :)

Archie VS Sharknado: Okay, yes, I agree with your boo-ing. It sounds really really dumb. But that's what we said about Archie VS Predator, Afterlife with Archie and the other Archie titles, and they ALL were good. So in your face. Plus, this comic is written by the director of the Sharknado trilogy (wait, they really made three movies?) so it ties in with the movies (kind of). It's cool!

I mean, haven't you always wanted to see the kids of Riverdale to be ravaged by a vicious tornado made of sharks? 

JLA Gods and Monsters- Batman: If you haven't seen the trailers for the new JLA animated film- Gods and Monsters- go kick yourself in the face and then watch them all. Here's a link for them too. Thank me later.

Anyway! This is a brain child of legendary DC writer/artist Bruce Timm (you have him and Paul Dini to thank for

 your beloved Harlequin of Hate). Basically, JLA Gods and Monsters is an alternate universe of the DCU. In this one, Batman is a vampire, Superman is General Zod's son and Wonder Woman is a New God (instead of just a pathetic half-god). In this universe, Kirk Langstrom (the Man-Bat in the regular universe) is Batman but also a vampire. He wants to hold on to the human part of him, but how long will he be able to cage the beast?

Power Up: Are you looking for something fresh? Exciting? Different? Spectacular? Look no further!

For those of you that enjoy light hearted fun comics, this is the one for you. This comic is by Ms. Kate Leth and is her big debut into the comic world! It's about these four heroes that are chosen to have cosmic powers, so they have to be really really awesome right? Nawww. They're just like us- flawed and just trying to survive! There's a 20-something, a washed up athlete, a middle aged mother and a... FISH?? Okay, so not all of us are fish.

But it's really adorable and fun. I swear it is.

Just read it already!

Prez #2: It's everything you've always wanted but never knew you needed. What if you could become POTUS (President of the United States- in case you're like me and couldn't figure it out) by having a ton of Twitter followers? You're right! Then Ellen DeGeneres would be President and all our problems would be solved! Anyway, welcome our first teen-aged president... @corndoggirl !! But it's not all fun and games! The US is crumbling and corporations run America and it's all bad. It's all very very bad.

I hope I didn't make you not want to buy the comic cause it is a good story 

Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde SWA: Yes, ANOTHER Secret Wars tie-in. But this one is about Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde! So it's adorable. Anyway,

 as you know there are a bunch of different worlds that make up Battleworld so there's are at least 100 versions of every character. But there's only ONE Star-Lord (maybe, I don't know) and he's the one from our old Universe-616. And now he's found the Kitty Pryde from that universe as well! Well, maybe he did. We're not sure. No one really remembers what life was like before Battleworld, sooo... Yeah. Anyway, you should read this because they're a cute couple and this might actually be a fun tie in. And because I said so.


Those are my picks for this week! And here is the full release list as well! Be sure to watch the video and subscribe! Actually I'm not sure if subscribing is an option, so...... Uh. This is awkward



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