Hey everyone! Sorry last week's post is late. I was sick with the flu so my life kinda stopped for a week. But I'm back! Here's what you should have picked up last week. Especially the Black Widow comic. That brought me back from the brink of death.


Black Widow 

Mark Waid knocked it out of the park with his last Black Widow series and this time he's working with the artist, Chris Samnee. Natasha has gathered a lot of information over the years and she knows practically everyone's secrets. Unfortunately those secrets are getting out and all eyes are on Black Widow. In order to clear her name, she has to track down who is exposing these secrets before someone tries to silence her for crimes she didn't commit!

Vampirella Vol 3

Kate Leth (Power Up, Patsy Walker Hellcat) presents a fresh take on a classic character. Vampirella is making it big in LA! She's got a new costume, a new home and she's enjoying life in Hollywood... until her home is attacked. As she's searching for answers, she discovers monsters in the City of Angels and a dark secret that's older than the silver screen.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The Power Rangers are back in a new comic series! It's Green Lantern Year One. Tommy is still trying to get over what Rita Repulsa did to him, but he feels like he's a liabilty to the team. As Rita's master plan unfolds, the Power Rangers are pitted against each other and Tommy is the key Rita taking over the world!

Predator Life and Death In this new Predator series, colonial marines are fighting the Weyland-Yutani over a horseshoe shaped space craft. Both sides only want what's best for their people! As the fight rages on, a band of Predators arrive on the scene...

The Discipline

Discipline is a new sexy title from Image. It's like a mix of Sex Criminals,  Supernatural and Insexts. It's basically what 50 Shades of Grey wishes it could be. Melissa hates her life, her husband and her sister. So to distract herself from her horrible life, she lusts after a mysterious stranger. But she gets more than what she bargained for with this dude. Suddenly her life is all sorts of fucked up... but in the best way possible.

That's all for last week guys! This week we have the 50th issue of Catwoman, Detective Comics and Action Comics. There's also a Haunted Mansion (yes, it's based off of the ride from the theme parks) series from Marvel starting and there's also a new Mars Attacks series!

The full comic release list is here! 

Anyway, I'll see you tomorrow to talk about all the new stuff coming out! 

PS. In this video I may have mentioned the In Store Convention/ Customer Appreciation Day at Downtown Comics. So that has passed, just an FYI. I made this early-ish Tuesday before the sickness kicked in :( 


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