#NUVOpop: Big Banging Spoils of Convergence Finale PLUS Secret Wars


One day I'll figure out a way to make that titles shorter.

Okay! We are all done with Convergence folks! And Secret Wars. Man is Secret Wars good. It's not even fair.

So here's the run down of what happened these final two weeks in Convergence!

Convergence 7: The showdown between heroes and villains reaches full throttle! However it is soon revealed Deimos is harvesting the negative energy of the villains and will eventually kill them. The villains, upset at the betrayal, join forces with the heroes to defeat Deimos. Telos soon intervenes and has Deimos nearly incapacitated, hoping to end the fight and learn what his name once was. Deimos escapes and Parallax (Hal Jordan) is sick of the games. He quickly obliterates Deimos. Telos reveals Deimos had the energy of a large group of time travelers and destroying him unleashed utter chaos upon the multiverses. Oracle (the watcher from issue 6) is destroyed as a result of Deimos's death and says to the Justice League (New 52) that their futures are unknown to him and reality is breaking apart.

Convergence 8: With Deimos dead, the entire multiverse is in peril! Time is not how it should be AT ALL. So Waverider (formerly Booster Gold) releases Braniac from his prison. Everyone is reluctant to trust him, but Braniac is seemingly reformed, since he saw his many lives throughout the multiverse. He sends Flash and Supergirl back first (they must die in order for the multiverse to survive- see Crisis on Infinite Earths). Once thhat is done, the rest of the cities return to their universes. Braniac leaves, Telos is severed from the planet, and Earth 2 Green Lantern is able to harness the power of the green to give birth to a new planet for the heroes of Earth 2.

Convergence Action Comics: Powergirl and Red Son Wonder Woman duke it out! They are stopped by a threat from RS's Lex Luthor! They unite to save their cities and Powergirl and Superman head off to help the heroes defeat Deimos

Convergence Adventures of Superman: Supergirl and Superman escape the villains of the Phantom Zone, barely. Kamandi helps the two defeat General Symian and the crazy apes from his planet.

Convergence Batman and the Outsiders: Batman and the Outsiders defeat OMAC who is being controlled by Godmother from the Future's End universe!

Convergence Blue Beetle: Blue Beetle leads the crew against the Legion of Superheroes! Beetle pretends that Hub City is destroyed to fool Deimos and protect both cities from destruction

Convergence Booster Gold: Older Booster Gold transforms into Waverider and races off to save the world from Deimos. Also, there's a super emotional reunion between Booster Gold and Blue Beetle

Convergence Crime Syndicate: The two worlds go at it and it is revealed that Superwoman survived electrocution! She and Wonder Woman from the 853rd century battle after that WW kills Superwoman's true love- Owlman- but who wins the fight between these two powerful women.... (no seriously, you don't find out the winner)

Convergence Detective Comics: So Huntress was saved by Red Son Superman from being blown up! Huntress and Dick then team up with the Batman from the Red Son universe to stop Superman! But when they agree to draw, there are consequences from Telos! In the end, Dick finally decides to become Batman!

Convergence Flash: Flash and Superman from Earth-9 who is REALLY fudging smart. He tries to explain the situation to Flash and eventually Flash punches him in the face because why not. They fight and Flash gets a few hits while Superman tries to stop him (because he would obviously win). Superman sacrifices himself after realizing that Flash HAS to live because he will eventually make a big sacrifice for his world. 

Convergence Green Lantern Corps: Hal Jordan and John Stewart struggle to defeat their powerful opponent. Guy Gardner comes rushing in to save the day- WITHOUT his Lantern ring, even. He has to overcome some bad memories of him being tortured by Sinestro and General Zod (both of which were Hal's fault). Hal eventually gives realizes he is being a jerk and gives Guy his ring back and the three of them defeat their opponent.

Convergence Hawkman: Hakwman and Hawkwoman defeat a bunch of anthropomorphic beings with the help of the Thanagarians from the last issue!  

Convergence Infinity Inc: The Infinity Inc make peace with Jonah Hex's world! Even though they agree to a draw, Telos does not appear to destroy the two cities (probably because he is in shock of the events from Convergence 5!) Our heroes return to their city and are made the new Justice Society by the former heroes of it (see Convergence JSA). 

Convergence Justice League of America: With Zatanna, Martian manhunter and Aquaman imprisoned, the rest of the JLA must defeat the Tangent Universe's heroes- the Sinister Six! Sue Dibny devises a plan to release them using Mister Freeze technology and the JLA saves the day!

Convergence Justice Society of America: Our heroes in this story and experiencing how great it feels to be young again! After the fight they return to their normal ages and invite the Infinity Inc to become the new Justice Society of America!

Convergence Plastic Man and the Freedom Fighters: Plastic Man and company defeat the robots from the Future's End!

Convergence Shazam: Captain Marvel and crew defeat the steampunk Gotham villains that are under the control of Mister Mind! 

Convergence Speedforce: Flash and crew have to fight Wonder Woman from the Flashpoint era- who is angry at all men because of Aquaman's betrayal. 

Convergence Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes: Superboy and the Legion go against the Atomic Knights with their 

Convergence Swamp Thing: Swamp Thing and vampire Batman team up to rid Gotham of the vampires! Batman makes the ultimate sacrifice to save the world from another possible vampire outbreak..

Convergence New Teen Titans: The Titans go against the Doom patrol from another earth! Starfire fights the urge to kill and she and Dick get over their marital problems

Convergence Wonder Woman: With all of Wonder Woman's friends transformed into vampires she must destroy all the vampires to save her world! Steve Trevor is turned into a werewolf vampire and helps her in the very end

Convergence World's Finest: Seven Soldier's of Victory defeat their enemies as Scribbly Gibbet documents it all! Telos sends them back to their city to live out the rest of their fate.


Avengers World 21 Before Secret Wars: Namor reaps the consequences of assembling the Cabal- which is a group of villains that destroy other worlds in the hopes that it will save their world from the destruction of the incursion (Thanos is part of it if that's any indication of how bad it is). 

Loki Agent of Asgard 14 Last Days of: Loki transforms once more, this time into a woman! And Odin and Freja defend Asgard from it's enemies with the help of a bazooka!

A-Force: Led by Baroness She-Hulk, the A-Force defend Arcadia, an island nation on Battleworld. After a skirmish with a giant shark, America Chavez is sent to prison after breaking one of Doom's rules. She-Hulk decides to enlist the help of Namor and the Sub-mariners to find out where the giant shark came from...

Battleworld: Extra fights that just don't fit into the regular Secret Wars books! Punisher is possessed Doctor Strange and MODOK assembles an army of... MODOKs (which does not end well at all)

Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars: This story takes place during the FIRST Secret Wars in the 80s! Deadpool joins the fight with the heroes but things go wrong very fast! But Deadpool suddenly becomes very handsome at the end of it, so there's that.

Inferno: Taking place after the event "Inferno" from the late 80s, Colossus tries to recue his sister Magik from the depths of hell... but he's too late! She has already transformed into Darkchylde- which is very very bad. Colossus and his team and now trapped down below with a bunch of demons!

Infinity Gauntlet: Following the family of a member of Nova Corps... They struggle to survive without the matriarch of their family. When one of the daughters gets a hold of an Infinity Stone things really start to get interesting...

Inhumans Attilan Rising: Queen Medusa is summoned by Doom to interrogate a Ghost Rider, who is leading a revolution against Battleworld. Also... Black Bolt is back!

Master of Kung Fu: Shang-Chi joins a revolution to overthrow the evil Emperor Zu!

MODOK Assassin: MODOK goes around killing everyone for fun (or for breaking the rules). But when he encounters an Angela from the Thor Corps something changes in him (could it be loooooove?)

Old Man Logan:  Logan continues his question for justice and vengeance in the pages of this series that continues from the former story.When he discovers a dying Emma Frost, he seeks revenge against the group of Punishers that destroyed a town...

Planet Hulk: The area of Hulks is known as Green Land! And they are terrorized by one called the Red King. One of the Steve Rogers of Battleworld (who is gladiator-esque) is sent to Green Land to kill the Red King so that he can rescue his Bucky

Secret Wars 2099: A section of Battleworld that takes place in the future of the Marvel universe where the heroes are owned by mega corporations

Secret Wars Journal: More stories from Battleworld! One that involves a Kate Bishop from ye old England. And another taking place in Egyptia, where there are slaves that worship the moon goddess Khnosu, who commands a group of werewolves called Moon Knights.

Spider-verse: The heroes of the previous Spider-verse are unaware that the event even took place! As they meet for the first time, they discover they have to join forces to defeat a great threat to all of them... In this one, you also see how Spider-Ham ended up in this mess.

Ultimate End: The Ultimate Universe and Marvel Universe meet to discuss the fate of the Ultimate Universe as it is revealed that UU's Tony Stark messed around with the fabric of time

Where Monsters Dwell: Karl Kaufmann agrees to fly a socialite to Singapore but the two end up in a world full of dinosaurs and other monsters! 


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